Hello everyone; I am Diaclosities, and I come from another dimensionality of the Earth. In your realm, you have known me as Hercules, the son of the mighty warrior who rode to avenge the dire deeds of the ancient rebellion of the mighty fathers.

I am in residence in the dimension that is the further evolvement of your reality. This is a realm in which all the wonders that you would have for your lives come about. Your daydreams, and grandiose plans for your power and abundance of the earth are played out in this realm in which I operate. I am the culmination of all that Hercules wanted for himself and the manifestation of that desire.

Within this realm exists the potential for you all to tap into and bring into your present reality. It is a melding of your present reality and the one which you would have for yourself in the grandest of schemes. When you dream of your possibilities and feel the wonders that they would bring, you visit that reality energy, and give it new life. In that way, our realm is ever revolving and changing according to the desires and intent of the meanderings of your minds.

Because Hercules has gone beyond his time on earth, he and I are a blend of oneness. Now we uphold the desires and intent of the totality that we are. We are still attaining a greater degree of our self-realization, for we are eternal and changeable in our likeness to God. Part of Hercules legacy lives on in me and my involvement with this one in service to the earth at this time. I represent the peaceful warrior energy of Hercules, as he has manifested his intent in me.

I wish to say at his time that I will be bringing to your pleasure a degree of other manifestations of the intent of other pieces of the energy of Hercules, as they are brought forward for the introduction from this host.

I bid you a lasting and changing life and manifestation of that which is your intent, for we are all involved in this together. Godís blessings are upon you in this day of beauty and content.