Hello, I am Baldor, and I have experienced several of my last embodiments on the planet Orloff, a planet that exists on the periphery of your universe. I am an aspect of this one, Nancy, who brings these messages to you. In the field of aspects there is an undergoing that embraces the uniqueness of the individual. Souls aspect themselves for the purpose        of experiencing a larger degree of expression. In doing so they embody completely separate identities, or remain in the etheric, experiencing and being of service to those on earth.

            I was a part of this one for several centuries on other planets; therefore I chose to carry on in service to the universe and this one through the expression of existences in the cosmos. Through this expression, I have lived on several planets in this universe including the one in the Sirian system known as Octavia; two lives on a planet in Orion and a dozen on planets in Lyre and Alpha Centurus.

            My existences on Orloff started before the planet was expelled from its mother universe; therefore I have spent many lives there before the last string of them. I have learned much about the process of being able to be self-sustaining because of the precarious position we on Orloff found ourselves in after the propulsion. Though we were able to prepare in advance, we had a long way to go after the event. It was a matter of just being able to survive, much less make moves toward the evolvement of our species. Now we have been in a position to advance and create a world of promise for ourselves. This involves the relationship we are enjoying with your universe, and the co-operative nature of our communications.

            At present I am not embodied. I bring myself to the energies of my sister for the purpose of being of assistance not only to her, but also to all of the people on earth. I have experienced a couple lives on your planet and therefore, along with the experience I share with this one, I am able to offer information that can be of benefit to you.

            I would like to say to you all that I am delighted to have this forum in which to bring forward the benefit of my experience and knowledge. At this most exciting time for planet earth, I am honored to be a part of the story.

            I leave you now to remain on the periphery of your beingness. I wish you good day.