I am Bachari; and I am a self-appointed partner of this one in our capacity as aspects of each other. Within this energy of unitedness, we have spanned many lifetimes as separate individuals, and as the oneness that we are. At this time I reside in the ethers and come through this one in the energy of the completeness of our experiences together.

            It is my purpose at this time to be in partnership with this one in the bringing forward of certain elements of the dynamics of shared experience. This is the order of the work we do at this time. Through this medium, and through the medium of the spiritual bringing together of the elements of our beingness, there will be a sharing of the continuing aspects of the journey we take for the sake of the unity with all there is.

            I am in complete accord with the other aspects with whom we share alliance. The world of spirit is only beginning to come forward in your understanding. You will find that this situation is not unique in the realms of eternity, only to itself and the expression of that self. The world of aspecting is as wondrous as the world of the eternal Grace that is being brought forward for all who live on this planet

            As Bachari, I bring to you an assortment of messages of the Deity of us all. Within these messages rings the tone of truth and sharing of a concept that bears exploring in the coming times. This will lead to the discovery of the fullness of mankind, and the avenues through which you have chosen to exist.

            A coming together of the forces of darkness has plagued the planet for eons. This is an ending of that energy, and the beginning of the release from the bondage with which you have chosen to learn the lessons you set before you. I am in service to you, and I join you in that learning. For I too have walked the halls of the bondage and come to the end of the road with the mud falling away from my shoulders and the chains falling way from my ankles. The freedom that is being felt and experienced already in the intent is but an example of the wonders that await at the end of your rainbow. For there you will find your pot of gold; and there you will stride forward in the glory that is you.

            I am Bachari; and I salute you, and join you in the coming together of the forces of the Light to this great land.