Utah Arches National Park, Moab Utah


Weíre in Utah at the Arches National Park. As I look at these figurines Iím told that so many of these were created by the greatest artists of all, the ETís. They came here millions and billions of years ago and they carved out these magnificent depictions of who we were, of the people who came here, the people who have been coming here all these eons and eons ago through the ages. The ETís from their vantage have carved out, have painted, have created all these beautiful depictions of all of the beings who have visited earth at one time or another. And what we are here doing is, we are revisiting what we have done.


Anyone who comes to this beautiful canyon land in Utah has come and recaptured a message for themselves in these creations. Theyíve come and they have taken into their being the interpretation of the messages that they left for themselves all those eons ago, for this is the time for them to open up to this message. They may not know this consciously as we do now, however this is answering a signal that their soul has given them to come and explore this beautiful canyon land. They may find themselves drawn time and time again, over and over again for they know deep within their soul that there is information for them here.


And they seek what they do not know. They seek it on a soul level so that it may trigger the knowledge that is to come forth upon their awakening. That knowledge, that information is designed to assist them to open up the next leg of their journey. And that is why Bob and Doris and I are here right now in this beautiful, beautiful tapestry, this beautiful art gallery that is unsurpassed. I look out now at these figures that adorn this beautiful land and I see, I see an Egyptian goddess, I see lion beings. And I see a woman straight ahead of me with her head raised to the skies, as if looking for home. And I see these beautiful depictions of all of the beings who have come and gone, and some who have not left.


Doris sees a monkey, and Bob sees Mother Mary. And we see coding in dots, the little holes that seem to speak out a message in dots. This is an incredible, incredible journey! And as we sit here with cars going by in their hurry to get where they have been and where they want to be, we just sit here and the last five minutes are still, and we know that we are reconnecting with our heritage, with our past and with our future in this one moment. And now weíre going to go further up the road, and Iíll be back.


Now we sit with a gathering of the clan. There is Mary, who holds an ice cream Sunday in her hand; it looks like from here. There is another one who looks over at her. Thereís so much here! Thereís a rock formation that could be one of todayís or yesterdayís cowboys. Thereís another one sitting on a precipice looking up once again to the skies. Thereís an assortment of people in various repose depicted in these art formations of rock and sandstone. The mixture of greenery and sandstone creates a very pleasing sight to the eye.


Now weíre seeing another ship from the skies. Itís sitting, itís perched right on top of one of the rocks. Remember this whole park, all of these rock formations represent our family that came from the stars, that came from other reaches of the universe, and they came and they left a part of themselves in picture, in rock formations. They left a piece of themselves by which they could remember.


Thereís an Indian chief with a feather down the side of his face. And now I see as I look thereís a person back to me climbing up a ledge with his arm around the person beside him, helping to steady him, helping to give him support as they climb the precipice, as they work themselves between this valley, this break in the rock, and they become part of the rock, in so doing. We look at another place and we see a bear, huge bear laying in repose, very content to be here.


This wondrous land supports all the beauty that was brought here, all the beauty that is represented out there in the cosmos, the land of home. Itís one of the lands of home for us. As we sit here among these beautiful formations memories come forth, as you listen to these words and this music, and as you survey the pictures, memories come forth. Memories of home, memories of far away places and far away times, memories that serve to guide you, your every footstep in the times to come, memories that bring you to your new beautiful life.


Now Iím looking at the stone formations that are the Arches, small Arches and there are sentinels standing guard. They are waiting. Thereís a formation over by the Arches thatís reminiscent of Stonehenge in Ireland. Itís as if every country, every continent must have their own version of Stonehenge. And this particular one lights a portal by which certain beings from Orion can fix their position for landing at a particular time of the year, usually on the solstice, and they come and they bring to earth another measure of energy by which she can sustain herself.


This is part of the legacy that Orion holds for us in their keeping of our intent energy to come back home to who we are once again and whenever Gaia is robbed of that energy which she holds, Orion supplants that through this particular formation that is, you might say, the Stonehenge of the southwest, right here in Utah. Itís a receiver of some of that light energy of intent for the return home.


Weíre a little further up the road now from where I first saw Stonehenge, just a few yards up the road. Iím seeing a whole formation group; itís a city. It represents a city; I see people all over the place, and the sentinel is standing away from the city, overlooking it, standing guard. And the people are just here and there and I can only imagine what is beyond what I am seeing, I know there are more people. There are formations that represent the commerce of the city. This one that Iím looking at right now represents a creature that crawls along the ground, and he has been seen up on a prominant and he is represented as being equal to the people, for although he crawls along on the ground, he has great wisdom. This is incredible, as I watch, as I look at these different people and their homes I just see and feel so much energy, so much beauty and their fullness. These are very gentle, gentle people and theyíre all tuned into each other and they do operate as one.


Taking into account the numbers of years ago that all these formations were completed, can you imagine the life that was here on earth at that time? How many beings from other planets throughout the universe came and visited, came and left their mark, came before they came back to live this duality existence? We think that time is linear.


Those of us who know it is not are the ones who will understand what I am about to say. We are the Wingmakers of that present and future. Through all of eternity we have come and gone, leaving our mark, so to speak. We have created all of these relics, all of these reminders of who we are, and we have done this in purpose. As we transcend time we leave our relics, we leave our memories, we leave our evidences of times here, times other than this present moment and this present consciousness, in order to more fully complete our journey, in order to remind ourselves who we are, and the vastness of what we do not, in this duality existence, understand about the fullness of who we are.


And as we revisit all of these beautiful exquisite formations and all of the other evidences of our being here throughout this whole planet, we come back once again to more of who we are to remind us. The seven natural wonders of the world, yes, they are natural; they are natural. The natural part of it is the fact that we from nature have created for the time here on earth to remind us of who we are so that we donít feel as strangers on a foreign planet, so that we can replicate that which we know we are, and that which we know we are capable of.

Now Iím looking at a city, another city. Itís absolutely majestic. It looks like right in the middle there, thereís a finger pointing heavenward. This is a city of grandeur; itís one that reaches different heights. Itís a much more eloquent city than the other one before which was softer and gentler. This one is majestic; itís just incredible. It feels like a gateway.


This is a gateway to the Arches, thatís what it is, for beyond this majestic city, which stands guard over the Arches is a city of light, and it is above in the etheric. Its majesty is ten times that which we see before our eyes now, that city of light. It stands in grandeur above this one of earth. This is the one we will see one day when we all remember who we are and what this incredible place brings to us. Forgotten memories, messages of who we are. 


I see before me some ancient gods standing guard over this gate, this beautiful gate that transcends time. It is a portal to a different time. This is a portal to the time when we regain ourselves. And on one side of the gate I see the old man time, weather worn and grand in his stature. The ruggedness of his profile belies any idea that there is any threat to this.


And on the other side I see a baby inclined against the walls that lead to the gate. Incredibly powerful, powerful energy here! There is an entrance through time here that was planned by those of us who came here and set themselves down to guard this sacred, sacred land.


When we came here we came with the express purpose to not only leave our mark, leave our message, but to set an energy of exploration. With this energy of exploration we set an energy for us to seek what is always around the corner. In this way we would never miss anything; we would never stop learning. Never stop discovering, or rediscovering. And as we do this, as we go through life in discovery and remembrance we bring to ourselves the memories that we came here with. We awaken them to be tapped into as we attain the vibration within our body that tunes in to that information as we set our dial on a particular part of the radio.


Thatís where we tune in to what our lives were before we came here to earth and how it all relates to our lives here on earth and what is to become beyond this life on earth. When we try to separate any of our existence, any of the expressions in the series of our existence then we cut short that which we are, that who we are. And the beauty that we have left here, for instance in this glorious park, is a reminder of how we look in our soul and our inner being. We look as grand as these structures before us, these pillars of dedication to who we are and who we have been.


We find in this beauty before us a reminder of who we are and what we stand for, a reminder of what weíre capable of, a reminder of from whence we came, of The Creator, of the God within each and every one of us. And as we sit here in our earthly vehicle, this 4-wheel drive truck, and we look out through these windows at all of these other vehicles, that sit at the feet of all these beings we are humbled by whatís before us. And we feel at one with all these people who come to gather and receive the same messages that we receive as we sit here.


It is grand. I am so moved. For it is a reminder of that which is deep within and that which we will one of these days soon recapture and walk these soils of earth, these grand parks, these beautiful mountains, these alive deserts, and we will remember who we are and we will give thanks for all that weíve brought to our lives, and for the Creator who has enabled us to do it.