Slideshow of Eustis Maine in Autumn, 2006.


When we reached Maine in our Family Gathering Trip to visit with my family, we were met by the beauty of Maine in Autumn. We had come at the peak of foliage; it was a wonderful expression of Mother Nature.

Eustis Ridge is about five miles from my home town of Stratton, and I spent many wonderful times on the Ridge, and the lands that you will see in these pictures. I grew up in that land between the Ridge and the Bigelow Mountains where Stratton is nestled.

The Porterhouse Restaurant, that you will see at the end of the show sits at the foot of the Ridge. I spent many a warm and wonderful time in and around that house when my grandparents made it home. The history there never left my heart.

There are three roads that lead up from Rt. 27 to various places on the Ridge. The chapel where we celebrated my sister's marriage and where we honored the end of the life that many members of my family lived stood at the entrance to the Ridge road that leads to my cousin's home.

This is the land that supported my growing. It is the land that fed my blood and my heart. It helped to mold who I am and it also helped to give me the courage to leave it in the fall of 1995, to find the rest of who I am in the deserts and rugged mountains of the Southwest.

I share this Autumn return to a beauty that lives forever in my heart and in the sands of time. Enjoy!

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