Slideshow of Marble Falls Texas and

Las Cruces NM


While we were in Marble Falls TX in Dec, and into Jan, we experienced a few wonderful Sunsets at the Sunset Point RV Park. Because of frequent humid, inclement weather we left there to return to NM after being there for only 6 weeks. While we were there Bob took pictures of our few sunsets. A few choice gifts from Mother Nature, and Father Sky are much better than many bleak days. We're very grateful for the wonderful beauty we were given while there.

We slipped our return trip to Las Cruces NM in between snow storms and arrived to the beauty of snow on the mountains and not on the ground. Though we don't have the water glistening around us here in NM, we have the wonder of the desert growth, and the dryer temperatures.

Join us in another slideshow presentation as we take you through the beauty we experienced and continue to even now.

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