Mike Quinsey Message, July 31, 2020-extra                                                   



August 05, 2020:

Dear Ones on this list, I feel that I must have neglected to send all of the information that Mike Quinsey sent out to those who sent it to me. When I received the message, etc, I felt that the first parts of it were meant for only those of us who were meant to send the message out to the ones who share his messages with people. As the day went on, and I reread the first parts, I felt that it was meant for us to share all of what he sent with all who receive his messages. So here is that information that is very interesting and I feel was meant to be shared with all of you.

Love, Nancy


On Thu, 30 Jul 2020 at 08:55, michael quinsey <michaelquinsey@sky.com> wrote:


    Dear friends I have had a most unwelcome experience attempting to get last week’s message out. To be brief it was not until after I distributed it I realised it had been interfered with and a whole section had been copied and inserted again later in the message, and at first I thought it was my error. Unfortunately I did not have time to take another message to replace it, as on the same day I also had a hospital operation appointment. So my apologies for the lack of a message last Friday. Everything seems to be happening at the same time and I just had to give the following extract from a message by the Master of the Hollow Planet when he gave a talk on “The Hollow Earth” sent to me by Aleks Radojcic, Email dnm.aleks@gmail.com 


    PRESIDENT TRUMP. His team are giving him directions directly from the Galactic Federation so he is protected and cannot be assassinated. Even if they were to attempt to do so, the projectiles would not penetrate the skin, because he is protected with the force field around him. Understand he is playing a part and that part is very impressive and that is to bring RV as you term it in slang being the Global Currency Reset. That is his part and that is what he is doing very well. So don’t worry about Trump. Yes, his part is almost over. He knows it. So he will be stepping down and new female President of the New Republic of the United States will come, not Republican but Republic. Understand Democrats and Republicans all that is going to fade and one new Republic comes in existence fully that will be the end of Republicans in Senate or Democrats. All those to be titles will be going away because it will be Government of the people not separated by the Democrats and Republicans, the Government of the people. That is what the Republic was at the beginning of the USA and that is going to be. So, understand the RV=GCR=Global Currency Reset is going to go through regardless of what anyone does because it must. You are on a minute to minute alert for dispersal, for redemption, for the RV, for the emails going out”.




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