SaLuSa 6 February 2015

Turmoil continues upon your Earth, yet at the same time the Light is

continuing to increase adding strength to those who are spreading the
Light. We cannot yet predict when it will become the dominant force,
but that time is fast approaching. With the ever increasing levels of
Light there can be no other outcome, and it is noticeable that more
people than ever are ready to actively show their support for the
Light Workers. As time progresses there will be a coming together of
many more people, and their work will help to hasten the true
beginning of Ascension. We encourage you to remain safely within your
Light, and to not get directly involved in vendettas against the dark
Ones. They will meet an end dictated by their actions against Humanity
over Millennia of time. They have set the path in motion that leads to
their demise, and an end to their actions against those of the Light.

We sense the frustration that you feel at the continuing troubles in
the Middle East. However, be assured that we are doing as much as we
are allowed to, and have prevented the escalation of the war that is
taking place. People ask why we do not step in and stop it, but that
would be interfering with the karmic path that has been set in place.
Until lessons are learnt we can only try to limit the loss of life and
damage that is taking place. Your whole experience in this cycle has
been intended to help you rise above the darkness, so that you in turn
can help others. In that respect you have been extremely successful,
and more souls are now awakening to the new vibrations. This is
important if they are to overcome the darkness and move into the
Light. Many are now able to expand their consciousness and starting to
become aware of the reason behind the changes taking place.

There is so much waiting to be revealed that will quickly lift you up,
and remove the obstacles that are holding you back. These largely
arise from the efforts of the dark Ones, who have kept you from
learning the truth about yourselves. However, that is all changing,
and in the near future you be given many truths about your role in the
cycle that is now closing. Most of you are but shadows of your real
selves and as consciousness levels continue to rise, you will learn
more about your real selves. You are far greater than you imagine or
are even prepared to believe, but the truth will “feel” right as deep
down you know the real you is a Being of Light. Whilst in the lower
dimensions you have been acting from a limited consciousness, but it
is now expanding due to the higher vibrations.

The reality is that you are on your journey back to your higher state
of being, and by leaving the 3rd. dimension you will be taking a
massive step upwards. Looking around you it might seem unlikely that
many souls are ready to rise up, but you will be surprised at how
quickly they can change. Each of you are playing out a role that
provides you with the lessons you need to continue evolving, and
prepare you for the changes that are upon you. Before you are birthed
each soul has an agreed link to their abilities and knowledge that
will be needed to equip them and see them through their life. The real
you is multi-talented and fully experienced to deal with life on
Earth, but better still to move into the higher dimensions.

As you are aware, your weather patterns are gradually changing for the
better. There will be problems created by the changes, but you will
have ample time to adjust. The net result will be a more acceptable
temperature without the extremes that you are used to experiencing.
The seas will also warm up, and when you take the two together you
will find that many changes will occur in nature. Species of animals
will move to conditions that are more suited to their needs. All told
it will all be for the better as you will enjoy a more temperate

Disease and other health problems will eventually disappear as the
vibrations rise up. Aging will also slow down once you have reached
adulthood, as you will be at a point where it no longer occurs. So as
time passes you have continual changes taking place, that are
beneficial once you are within the vibrations of the 4th. Dimension.
The old vibrations are ceasing to be as effective as they were, so you
will more and more become aware of the changes. However, do not allow
these events to distract you from your life plan, as everything will
settle down quite nicely. You will of course have been aware of such
possibilities before you incarnated upon Earth. You will therefore
have a “knowing” about the changes as they make their way into your
life. We are alert as ever to what is happening on Earth, and will
always do our best to keep you informed. The future is bright and as
time progresses we will be able to come much closer to you.

Mother Earth is dealing with her own needs, and is very active because
of the need to raise her own vibrations. In fact, regardless of how
the Human Race progresses she will go ahead with the necessary changes
that are helping create the new Earth. You are both dependent upon
each other to ensure a smooth transition to the higher levels. So the
sooner Man stops raping the Earth, the sooner it can be restored to
its prime condition. We have however looked far ahead, so allow time
for these coming changes to manifest. They will not happen overnight
but will occur in an orderly way. Deliver of the Prosperity Programs
and new Governance are amongst the initial changes, and are waiting in
the wings.

We hope that you are preparing yourselves for the changes where you
are personally concerned. We refer to changes that will allow your
body to become more healthy, and that relates to your choice of food.
Keep to fresh foods rather than processed that usually contain various
chemical additives. Exercise is also important and even just walking
helps, as opposed to rigid exercising.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and at such an important time in your lives,
try to help follow the changes. I leave you in Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey