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 Notice from Nancy: I am now posting Mike's messages from my  goldtreelight16@gmail.com email. I was having a problem with too many returns of postings while I was sending them out from my 1&1.com webserver email, treet@treeofthegoldenlight.com 


01-25-16: Notice From Mike

Hi Friends,
Since I have found out that my Server cannot change the format they use to send out my messages, Nancy Tate has kindly agreed to handle that side for me. Those of you who have been subscribing for some time will know, that I have always used Arial with a much larger and clearer font, than the one I have had to use. So I am pleased that the problem has been overcome. We are in exciting times and this year promises to be one of great changes that will ultimately be in our best interests. Thank you for your continued support and many thanks to the team that spread the messages all over the world. I believe that at the last count there were some thirty wonderful people involved.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey 


11-13-15: Hooray! Mike Has Channeled a Wonderful Message from his Higher Self!


10-28-15: Mike Has Sent out a Posting to His ET First Contact List!


Mike is now bringing messages through from SaLuSa on a weekly basis. He will also continue posting to the list the messages from other channels that he chooses to send out. When he asked for confirmation on his decision, here is what came through me: "My dear ones, it is time for the continuation of the messages through you from me, SaLuSa, and any others who may feel the time is right. We are all in sync with you and we ask that you not only bring messages through as you feel, but that you know that we are with you 100% in this and all that you do. It is most challenging for some to believe in themselves in this time of ascension. I assure you both, in fact, that it is time for you both to bring information through that is pertinent to the times. Welcome back, and tally ho!"