An Example of What has Been/Is Happening in Hawai'i


As I was checking my email after posting today's Wake up Call I found an article that was a perfect example of one of the things that was in the message from the Mushaba Team. Here is the part of their message,

"It will begin a new surge of life-changing ways of living in all parts of the globe. You will see how quickly the new ideas can converge into the powerful things that bring about a more peaceful way of living. It will also result in much healing of not only the people, but of the planet as well. The lands, the insects, the animals all will become more in tune with all of the people, and each other. There will be incredible changes that will not only affect the way the planet looks, but the way everything will begin to come into harmony with all of life."

I've been told so many times that the best, and most powerful way to help make changes in people's lives is 'through your example'. This is one of those ways we are being shown how to bring this world to the perfection it is destined for. The following information is what was in Suzy's newsletter. You can Click Here for the link to go and watch the video. I was highly affected by it, as I feel you will be too.

Article from Suzy's newsletter: For those of you who are unaware of what has been/is happening in Hawai'i (on The Big Island), please take the time to view the video embedded in this message. (See Click Here above) An extremely powerful fifteen minutes, this is Ho'o'ponpono in action - it brought tears to my eyes. To view video click on the title heading in the message from Alia.

If you would like to learn more about this movement, I urge you to please check into

If we all could solve our differences as exhibited here, can you imagine what kind of a world in which we'd be living?

Peace, Love and Aloha......Riana


Much Love,

Nancy Tate