We Have Returned From Our Trip to Spain and Morocco

Click Here to Watch the Slideshow! By the Way, I Loved the Camel!

11-27-14: Bob and I flew to Alicante, Spain on November 10, 2014 as guests of our dear new friends, Phillip and Natalie. We so appreciate their gifting us with the trip and the accommodations, and all that their input gave us. We also were delighted to meet and play with their wonderful, loving dog, Gustone. All of those we met while there are working on some of the features of our new paradigm such as free energy, and communicating with people around the globe on the many ways that are being utilized to bring the world into a place of harmony and Love. It was a wonderful and interesting two weeks with interaction of the group of beautiful people who have been sharing themselves with the rest of the world in the ways that they are inspired to. One of the women in the group is HOPEGIRL. She has a website which can show you what the group is involved with. Check out her website: http://www.fixtheworldproject.net   

We spent some time checking out the beauty and culture of the areas. We walked the beaches of the area of M'diq in Morocco along part of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We traveled with some of them to the city up in the hills to Chefchaouen, which they call The Blue City, for the buildings are primarily trimmed with blue. The whole experience was a first for both of us, and we deeply appreciated all of the wonderful new friends who gave of their time and hospitality. We had experiences that told us of our diverse reasons for having been invited to make the trip. We thank each and everyone of our new, dear friends who gave us such beautiful gifts of their love, time, and sharing of their passions in what they do for all of humanity. Watch for a slideshow to come in the next few days of the journey we had.

Another of the beautiful ladies in the group, Blue Star, invited me to do a video channeling for them. She felt that there could be some information coming for them that would be of interest not only to the group, but to others as well. The questions that followed the message were private among the people there, so they are not included in the video that I will have here for you to watch. I am having some difficulties working on getting the video accessible online, so I will post it as soon as I'm able to.  Update! We were not able to format the video to be able to post, so Bob has formatted it to an audio file that works.

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11-07-14: Our Upcoming Trip Abroad

On November 10th Bob and I will be flying out from Tucson to Spain for a two week visit. A man who lives in Spain, whom Bob is working with on a free energy project, is gifting us with the trip. While in Spain, we and our new friends there will be driving to Morocco for a visit with others who are also involved in the project. While there we will have limited access to the internet; we'll both be using the same computer tablet, therefore there will be no Wake up Calls, or Updates till after we return.

These are interesting times, for sure! We were both told years ago, before we even knew each other, that we would be doing much traveling around the world at some point. This could be the beginning of it. It sure is exciting for me to think of going across the ocean to another land that I'm sure I've spent much time on in other lifetimes.

Till we return, have a wonderful, fun time and be in Peace, Joy and Love!