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In March, 2019, here in Patagonia AZ, Bob and I were walking to town to the post office and for other things, and we stopped at the place where a friend, Dave, has a weekly yard sale with many interesting items for sale. We were talking with him, and he suddenly said that he had some things that someone had brought to him, and that we might be interested in seeing. He showed us 2 or 3 pieces of rock, and one of them was very unique in style, and about 7-8 inches, oval shape. It had colors of purple, aqua and brownish gold. It was like all had been put together in some way, but very solid, rough and heavy. He said that in 2016 a friend had brought it to him from where he had gotten it in Morocco.  I have included a picture of it with this article.

The moment that we saw it, Bob couldn't take his eyes off it. When Dave said that someone wanted to buy it, but had to get the money for it, Bob asked how much, and Dave said $300. I felt that was interesting, but why pay that much for it. Bob, said I'll buy it! He was adamant about it. I liked it alot, but couldn't understand why Bob was so fixed on having it, but I accepted it. So we returned home, got the cash for it, and it is now sitting here in our living room on the coffee table.

Then on April 07, 2019 St. Germain came through me with this information in regard to what we've been doing recently, and also some new friends, Robert and Christine, whom we've come in contact with. Here is what St. Germain said:

"I am here to say to you that it has only just begun. I will be with you in every corner turn and every place in which you sit to share what you have learned and what you have seen to be the truth of the moment in which you are sitting right now. I will be back to give you more information. Till then remember that you are my family from way back and this is our reunion that includes Robert and Christine."

Then in the next moment he said, "To answer your question about the rock, you both created it when you were in Morocco. You did it in the exchange that you made in your sleep."

Wow! That was a complete surprise, what he said about the rock we bought from Dave. I understood then why Bob was so set on having it; there was no mistake, or doubt in my mind that was why he felt he had to have it, and why I didn't try to talk him out of it.  We went to Spain and Morocco in November, 2014. Dave received the rock in 2016. To me that speaks of one of the reasons we went to Morocco, though I don't know the details on why, or how we created the rock. It could have been that it is an example of one of the ways we can understand why we follow up on some of the things we do. It is another example of what we do in our sleep that can add to what we do when we're awake, and wondering what more we can do to bring about that which we are working on to bring new ways of living into our lives. It is an example of how the beauty of what we do can be so inspiring as to bring about something that we didn't even remember that we can do. 

All I can say for sure is that this was meant to be and that it is another example of how, when we pay attention to things that happen in our lives, it brings new truth to our inner knowing and our outer movements in the example of what we are capable of.  Some day, we may know fully what we did to create it and why. Till then, it is wonderful for the reconciliation of a part of the trip to Morocco that has come to the surface.


I send you all so much Love!

Nancy Tate