‘Pass It On’


12-18-14: After watching a video that our dear friend, Peter, shared with us I felt the urge to go to my desktop and write what I knew was coming. To read it you can Click Here.


8-23-14: So many times lately in the messages I receive and read from so many beautiful beings they are telling us to enjoy our lives and have fun, as well as to be in peace and Love. I totally agree, for it certainly works for me, and all others whom I see following that inspiration. So I am sharing with you an example of one of the ways I want to ‘pass it on’ to you all.

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is a song from the 1964 musical film Mary Poppins sung by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. I remember watching the movie and loving the word. A few years ago something stimulated me to the word and song again, and I was inspired to write my own version of it, that was appropriate to the time and situation I was in. Yesterday as I was going through some stuff in my desk I came across it. Here it is:




There once was a man who had a wild and weird psychosis

He could not stand to speak with those who had halitosis

And so he listened to them all only by osmosis.



He thought indeed that it must be the whole wide world knows it

If you speak into their face that surely will expose it

And so he said unto himself he’ll go ahead and pose it.



When it comes to breathing hard it’s really quite ferocious

As you know the smell of it is something quite atrocious

So go about what you can to not be precocious.



So if you feel the way he does and think he is the mostest

Beware to get too close to him he might have halitosis

So you would not always be his one and only hostess.



He ate words he took into himself with his osmosis

He looked around to find the one to help who was the closest

He swallowed hard and now alas he is his own psychosis.




Nancy Tate