Spirit Blessing, January 10, 2017

Last weekend, on Jan 07, when Bob and I made our monthly trip to Tucson, we went out with our dear friends there to a restaurant for supper. As we were being served by a very nice young man, I noticed after a little while that he reminded me of my dear nephew, who passed from earth last June. It was a realization that grew stronger as the evening went on. He was so friendly and helpful. Finally I had to tell Bob and our friends how much he felt like and looked like my nephew; it was incredible. Then as we were leaving I noticed him at the cash register and I stopped and told him with a smile how much he reminded me of my nephew who had passed in June. He held his hand out to me smiling back and said, "I felt the connection." As I left the restaurant I felt that my nephew was right there with me. It was incredible.

This tells me that dearly beloved people in our lives who have recently passed from this world are reaching out to their family members and friends who have been living the knowledge of what those who have passed have gone back home to. They want us to know that they now see where we were coming from and to thank us for being true to ourselves and everyone else.

We are truly blessed to be in these times and to know that the truth of who we are and what our origins are is now being opened up and lived by so many. I am so happy that I was able to help my nephew pass over to the reaches he was destined for with the drumming that took place next door on the evening of the ceremony for my nephew that I wasnít able to attend.

Below I have included the writing of what happened for me with the passing of my nephew in June and then of my brother in law in October. I have changed the names for privacy.

Goodbye to Nephew and BIL (brother in law) I have Ďchangedí their names to keep the privacy for the family.

This is in reference to the death of my nephew, on June 9, 2016, when he was 55. His father died April 29, 2009. It is also in reference to my brother-in-law, who died on October 9, 2016. He was my first sisterís present husband. And then at the end is a surprise message through Anakhanda.

My Goodbye to Nephew, June 16, 2016

I had an interesting experience late this morning. We just couldn't go to Maine for the funeral, etc, but I felt that we could have a ceremony here for him today. As the day began, I realized that I just wasn't coming up with the perfect way to do it. Then along about 11:00 our neighbor, Colin, a man probably in his late 20's began playing his drums outside, as he does fairly often. He and his wife live just across the fence, so we can hear his drumming very well.

After he had played for about 15 min, suddenly I got the inspiration to go downstairs, from my computer, and sit on our screened porch and see what comes. As I sat there enjoying the drums, after a minute I began feeling the energy from within to do some energy movements directed to Nephew. I just let it happen and it was so wonderful. After just a minute or two Colin stopped his drumming, and I continued on with the energy healing. I then heard from Spirit that Colin's drumming had been a part of our helping Nephew to complete his passage.

I then in my inner vision saw Nephew turn and look at me with a beautiful smile on his face. I knew then that it was meant to be for my farewell to him. It wasn't something that Bob had to be a part of, for Bob didn't know Nephew well. When I told him what had come about, he agreed he didn't have to be a part of it; he was very happy for me. Once again, when you follow your inner guidance/inspiration, you bring about that which is in the higher order for what you have asked for.

Now here is some news I have about an experience I had after BIL (brother in law) died on October 9, 2016.

My Goodbye to BIL, October 11, 2016

It was just five months to the day, June 9, 2016, when Nephew died, and two days ago, October 9, 2016, when BIL died. They both lived in Stratton, Maine, where Iím from. My first sister is Nephewís mother and BILís wife.

Last night as Bob and I were inside watching a concert by John Prine, we got info from Spirit that there would be a song come up that would have a special meaning to us. As the last song was playing, suddenly we heard our neighbor, Colin begin to play his drums. It was unexpected, for he hadnít played them for a few months. The drumming fit the song perfectly. When the song was over, the drumming continued. Bob went upstairs to his computer, and I just had to go out to the porch and sit, in the dusk of the early evening, enjoying the drumming. I thought of when he played them as I was sitting on the porch in memorial to Nephew. Now here I was in memorial to BIL. It felt wonderful.

After a few minutes the drumming stopped. I walked over to the fence and called for Colin, hoping he was still there. He answered, stepping up on the stool on his side of the fence, so that we could see each other. I told him of BILís passing, and I thanked him so much for the drumming. He said that it explained why he had felt the urge to go out and do the drumming, which he hadnít done for some time.

As we were standing there, I then saw the image within, of BIL out in the Maine woods with his dog, Mai, strolling along looking for a deer. That was what he had been looking forward to doing just before he had to go to the hospital. I had talked with my first sister, soon after I had received the call from my other sister that he had passed from the re-occurrence of cancer, which brought on pneumonia. my first sister had told me how BIL had been looking forward to the beginning of the hunting season, which was only a few days away. He was convincing himself that he would be able to, though he felt so sick. She said that he looked so happy to feel that he would be able to do that, which was a part of his life for so many years. He loved being out in nature, strolling through the woods with his dog.

In my heart I knew that BIL was able to carry that through, on a soul level, for I saw it in his face as I stood there in gratitude for Colin and his gift to us. I also knew that was what Spirit was referring to when I got the message to be sure and watch the whole concert. I am so thankful that Colin followed his urging, as did Bob and I. Even though we wonít be able to go to Maine to be a part of the memorial for BIL, we will be there in our hearts and souls, with Colinís drumming in our memory.

Now I add a message that we received through Anakhanda from Nephew and BIL today, October 12, 2016

Dear Nancy,

"I want to take a moment and say to you that I love you and thank you for all your efforts in the past especially before Nephew passed away when you tried to share some information that would have been of help to him in remaining here. He could have stayed if that choice was made. It was a matter of him being in a neutral place as to go or stay and whatever decision was made is what would have determined his next move. Of course we all know what that move was. I am BIL, and I am here with Nephew and we both thank you and love you. We now understand so much that we wish we had understood in life. Your involvement in our lives especially after our passing did not need your physical presence. It was needed on a soul/spiritual level where you helped us tremendously.

In your own way of ceremony is what we needed more than what others were doing and it is wonderful that you did what you did. It was definitely my time to move on for I need to prepare for what is coming in the world and I will be there, BIL and I, to assist humanity in the changes that are in progress in the world. One day we will show ourselves to our beloveds and help them to see the truth. They will then think of you and your pathway of life and how you were so misunderstood for what you offered in love and sharing.

There is a man here named Papa (Anakhandaís father, Wali, who passed over a few years ago) and he is the one who brought us to you. He said his name is actually Porda but is known as Papa and that you know who he is. We canít stay long for I, BIL, have to go into a place of review and relaxation. I will come again Nephew and I, to speak with you again directly. Know that you should feel joyous and proud of what you have done to assist us both. Donít matter if anyone else knows as long as you know. In due time so will the others and you know of whom I speak."

Our Love to you Always!

BIL and Nephew