Shopping Into Our Coming Abundance


Yesterday in one of our neighbor towns, Bob and I were shopping before going to lunch . As we were going from one store to another one, we saw right in front of us on the sidewalk a folded $5.00 bill. There was no one in front of us who might have dropped it, so with a smile and a chuckle I picked it up and put it in my purse. What a feeling! In the last few years I've picked up pennies and dimes, and just a few days before picked up a quarter from the road as I was walking by, close to home. I've never seen and picked up a dollar bill , or more from the road or sidewalk.

Then, yesterday, when we went for lunch, we each ordered a sandwich at the counter where they take our order, and I chose to have mine on their medium size wheat bun. When the man brought our lunch to us, he came with three plates and explained that they found they didn't have any more of the buns I chose, so they made for me two on their small size wheat buns, at no extra cost. I was so surprised, because they looked like the same size I thought I'd ordered one of. I was able to eat one of them, and so we took the other one home to share with our dear friend who we're sharing our home with.

What happened for us that day told me right away that it was an example of Spirit letting me know that our coming abundance wasn't too far away. All we need do is to keep on living our life as we choose to, and know that it will always bring joy to our life with the abundance of how we like to live our lives. As long as we go forth in what we choose to do, we will be shown that we are creating what we want in life, and that it will come to us in the way and time that it was meant to be. You can also read here another example of what Spirit is showing us that happened a couple years ago:

Love to you all,

Nancy Tate