'Pass It On'


12-18-14: Thank you Peter, for what you shared with us in the video. 


The Power Of Passing It Forward


When you do something for somebody it returns in many ways. It brings to you the feelings of love and abundance. It brings you the knowing that there is more of it going on in the world than before, for it goes on, and around the world in a wave of Love and gratitude.

Yes, it is something that grows as it grows. It is something that lives in the heart of everyone who shows the Love for another and for oneself. It resounds across the world in a reverberance of the prosperity of feelings. It gives of itself in a way that is unbounded and unstoppable.

Do you feel it now in the hearts of all of the ones you come across, those you meet on the street and in the stores? Do you feel it in those to whom you give a smile and add a hug as you show them that the way is clear to cross the street, because they started across when the car that was coming was out of their view? They will always remember the gift you gave them and they will 'pass it forward' forever and ever.

This is what is turning this world into a wayshower's paradise. It is the magic button that opens the hearts and minds of everyone who sees and feels your abundance of Love. There is coming a time on this planet when the scarcity of anything that is not in keeping with Love will be celebrated and lived by everyone. When that comes it will be the rapidly growing 'passing it forward ' of Love in so many ways. It is coming on so strong these days that the encumbrance of it will be the way of life on these wondrous lands that we all call home.

It will stretch out so far into the universe that all of the universal beings and life of all kinds will recognize that this is the time for the reunion of all life. It will begin the celebration of the reunion of all of existence. That is what one seemingly small 'passing it forward' can do. It has the power to begin the celebration of the reunion of all that is. It is Now! It is powerful in Love!

I share with all of you the gift that is being passed forward around the world. Thank you so much Peter for the reminder of what is in keeping with the joy of 'passing it forward'.  http://www.flixxy.com/pass-the-kindness-forward.htm?utm_source=nl  


Much Love,

Nancy Tate