New Farm Crop Circle in the UK


Bob T spent over two weeks from June into July (2014) in the UK working with many others from around the world on building a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG). Many of them had begun months, years and lifetimes ago on their inspirations to bring about free energy to the planet. They made great strides as they brought together their ideas, accomplishments, and knowledge of the energies that go beyond the physical devices that now produce the power supplies that are being used on the planet. Now the energies of freedom are coming in line and being practiced more than they ever have been on dear Mother Earth. More and more the people of earth are not only realizing, but they are living the knowledge that it is time to bring forth that which is in harmony with dear Gaia, and with all of Creation.

A few days after Bob returned to our home here in AZ he was given through the computer the news and pictures of the new crop circle that was discovered within walking distance of the farm where they had been working on the project. As I looked at the pictures I received the information from the Star Elders that the crop circle was placed there for those who had been working on the project. It held within it the 'secret' of the piece that was missing in what they were doing to complete the project. Each of them in the group had come to earth in this lifetime implanted with the information to do this and to bring it to completion so that they can bring it to the world. At the appropriate time they will access the information and use it to bring the project to a success.

Little did I know that this morning I would bring forth a Wake up Call from Alduman, who is one of the Star Elders. You may read it Here


07-08-14:  In September of 2007 our dear friend, Anakhanda Mushaba, introduced us to the Mushaba Force, which has now evolved to the  Love Essence of Mushaba. You may read about the Mushaba energy Here. Last evening, he brought through a message and sent it to me. Here it is:

Anakhanda: This is what just came to me as I was sitting watching TV.

 I am Elluza, I too come from that beautiful Mushaba Energy, I am one of the star Elders also. You were introduced to Alduman through Nancy. Let me remind you Anakhanda of the conversation you had with Bob and Nancy yesterday, You were looking at the crop circle while speaking about Obama. You started to say that Mushaba gave Maliki, the man in Iraq an ultimatum, However, you caught yourself and said Obama. But what you were tuning into was the fact that the crop circle was from us, the Mushaba people. This is not the first crop circle created by the Mushaba people.

You were already told that the crop circle was placed there for those working on the project. This project was to act as a stimulus, a gateway entry into that knowledge that they came with, inherent within. Bob and others of those involved were technological scientist on Mushaba and worked with many others on many planets concerning technology. They brought free energy to many planets that were not as advanced technology wise, as well as many other devices to help to advance life on these planets. Within the crop circle is the key to unlocking this information.

But even more than that, the frequency codes emitted from this crop circle is even more powerful in your opening. We suggest that your spend some time as often as you feel to, looking and feeling the crop circle picture. If you tune in enough, you will see the image shift and also hear the sound codes it is emitting. I will speak again but for now, I have said enough. The Love Essence of Mushaba is so imbued within that crop circle.