A Beautiful Story

About the Loving Harmony

Of Humanity and Nature


In Response to Today's Wake Up Call


I just want to say how much I really enjoy your writings. You are the only one (so far) that I completely resonate with, you write about everything I believe in, Just never had the names to go with the belief, like Gob, Paralda, Neckna, and Leader. As a young girl I spent as much time as possible in nature, from playing around the creeks, climbing the hills. If I found soft dirt I would lay in it; even sucked on rocks to eat the dirt on them, LAUGH.

I love being in nature, still do. I have just one very close friend, we are so much alike it's scary, She and I have done so many wonderful things. She is a loner as well, and we like all the same things. Being in nature is the only way. Where I live in Kamloops, BC Canada, my house is on the edge of the wilderness.

This past fall, I had the wonderful opportunity to help a cub bear; thought he was abandoned. My friend and I fed him for about 2 or so months, thinking he was maybe an orphan. We were trying to fatten him up to survive the winter. Then his mom arrived, (think she was scouting out a den). She was not at all upset we fed and looked after her baby, was quite passive, and one H of a big bear.

I was getting my husband's winter tires out of our shed, when I seen the cub down to eat what we fed him. Rolling 2 tires out, I then noticed the mom said hello to both. The cub's ears went straight up, and his mama just sat down when she seen me; not one threatening move at all. She just sat down letting her baby eat while I managed the tires. 

Then it was time to go. She stood up, came over to the cub, gave him a lick, looked at me as if to say thank you, and off they went. I was so moved by her and the cub. I was just happy I could help.

Just thought I would contact you and let you know how much your writings and teachings mean to me. Thank you again.

Much Love