The Conscious Media Coalition
A Coalition of Conscious Media Organisations
Standing in Solidarity with Standing Rock


It is a very large group of Coalition of Conscious Media Organizations who are teaming up (networking) to bring truth to humanity, unlike main stream media. Lots of great articles on this network. This is probably the first of truth networks that will eventually be the media that awake and awakening people will rely on for the truth of what is going on globally. The cabal controlled media will be relegated to the dust bin of history. Thank you dear Bob for this information that you received from a friend in the UK


Here are Some of  the Features of This New Conscious Coalition for Bringing the Truth to the World


The GeoSocial Network
for Conscious ChangeMakers
Stand with Standing Rock. Join our GeoSocial Network for Conscious ChangeMakers powered by Coeō

Daily Global Synchronised Meditation
Join us at 12 noon CST for a daily synchronised meditation
in solidarity with Standing Rock

Projects Directory
With your help, we want to build the ultimate directory of local community projects. If you know of any local community projects, either in your area or worldwide, please add them to the directory.


You May Join the Conscious Media Coalition website and Contribute to the Coalition

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