Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes

Awesome Presentation by Gregg Braden


I have been saying for the past 2-4 years, whenever I see/hear anything about what is taking place, and what we are being told is in the works, such as NESARA, funds coming, new cures in the health field, etc, "We'll see!" I recognize now that is because we have been told of, and believed in so many things in the past years, and haven't as yet had them come to us, that we are reverting to our ego in response, so as not to appear 'less than', when it doesn't materialize in our lives.

After watching this video I was reminded of what I used to say, back when I began to open up and feel in such instances, "I see, I know, I feel, it is." That is what it takes, knowing and living that which is already in the hearts and souls of everyone concerned. As Gregg said, if you keep on saying and feeling that someday it will be, then that is what you will create. It will always be in our future, some day. However when we speak it, feel it, know it, then we will live it; then we will Live the Light!

This video is a wonderful example of what we are capable of. We just have to believe it, know it, Live it in Love for ourselves and all of Creation. If we say, "Oh, that is easy to say; show me when it has worked," watch Gregg as he presents one beautiful example in this video. Then go forth in your life and Live it, for that is what has been proven we are capable of.

It is the Love Essence of Mushaba in our beingness that is creating that which we do have the power to free ourselves from in the boundaries in which we have been living. We are living the freedom, the self-empowerment, the creativity and Love that we are.


To watch the wonderful video, Click Here