The Effect That Aluminum Has On Our Bodies


The truth about the effects of aluminum on our bodies is coming out more and more as researchers come out with the truth and why we should be eliminating aluminum from our lives. One thing that Bob and I learned a few months ago is that when baked potatoes, or any food, is wrapped or sealed with aluminum foil and then heated in it, the aluminum seeps into the food. We realized that the best thing to do is to throw away any aluminum cookware that we have.

You can go to this link and read about how it can be bad for you:

Also, you can go to the youtube  and watch the news on the effect that aluminum has in vaccinations. Read below what was published on Nov 23, 2017


When it comes to the most widely used adjuvant ingredient found within vaccines, aluminum, many questions have yet to be answered, particularly when it comes to where the aluminum goes after injection, an issue known as biopersistence.

One reason this question arises is because a causative role has been established in what’s known as macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) lesion in patients who have myalgic encephalomyelitis, or brain inflammation. Myalgia, arthralgia, chronic fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, dysautonomia, and autoimmunity have been temporally linked to aluminum adjuvant-containing vaccine administration (Gherardi and Authier, 2003; Authier et al., 2003; Exley et al., 2009; Rosenblum et al., 2011; Santiago et al., 2014; Brinth et al., 2015; Palmieri et al., 2016).

“Evidence that aluminum-coated particles phagocytozed in the injected muscle and its draining lymph nodes can disseminate within phagocytes throughout the body and slowly accumulate in the brain further suggested that alum safety should be evaluated in the long term.”

This study has prompted further research evaluating the potential hazards of injected aluminum, which begs the question, why hasn’t proper evidence and evaluation been published showing that it’s safe to inject aluminum into babies via several vaccines in a short period of time? Aluminum adjuvants may be effective for stimulating an immune response, but to simply presume there are no consequences for doing this, or to not emphasize or even state the adverse effects that have been discovered, is, I would argue, criminally negligent.