Sending out Healing Love Energy to a Beautiful Lady


Our dear friend, Richard recently spoke with Suzy Star, and has kept Bob and me updated. Here is what we have recently been told.

Suzy had a fall several days ago, and has been in the hospital and then in re-hab. She had another fall a couple days ago, and she has 2 bone breaks and the bone is crushed in between those breaks. She will not be going home at all. She is said to remain in hospital until ready to be moved to rehab. No mention made of going into nursing home. Not sure why.

Anyway she was VERY weak and asked people to do any remote healing work if they would. Thanks for getting the word out with your folks as well.

Thanks, Richard, for keeping us informed. We encourage any of you to send Suzy Healing Love energy. She is a beautiful soul, who has long been in the energy of sharing what she knows with anyone who is on her newsletter, and who may relay it out to others.

For those of you who may not know Suzy, she has been sending out emails with pertinent, up to date, and valuable information.  Suzy also has a wonderful website:

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