'Pebbles in The Pond' Energy Workflow

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Recently Bob and myself (Nancy), were enjoying a call with our dear friends, Steve and Susan, who live in Colorado. It had been a while since we talked with each other, and we were inspired and drawn to get back in touch. After we had brought each other up to date, they shared with us that they had been inspired to begin working with something recommended by one of Steve's energy beings named EL. You can read below what it was that they shared with us. Bob and I completely resonated with it. To all of us it spoke of a fast-growing, constant flowing of positive energy around the planet and throughout the Universe.

A new, totally fluid and potentially constant, worldwide way of meditation that has been suggested by EL', an energy that is multi-universal, transcending all space, time, dimensions and traveling, or 'existing', in multiple universes.

This meditation/energy workflow, is totally open.  El' only asks that the energy workflow be done every 3 days, 3 times per day, morning, afternoon and evening. Look at the numerology of it: every 3 days = 9, 3 times a day = 9. You don't have to tune in and do it when others do it. It is your choice when you begin, and what you do in your positive energy workflow. In your own individuality you come together in the constancy of the blending of the freedom of Love. In this self-empowerment you create the constancy of the expression of Love, in the Oneness that we all are.

There are really no 'rules', However, "connecting with, and asking to fully embody" ones highest self is highly recommended. Susan gave an example of one way to do the Pebbles in the Pond energy workflow. "By sending out frequencies of unconditional love, unyielding harmony, unyielding compassion and unyielding forgiveness.  I call upon my Highest Self and ask to fully embrace and embody my Highest Self.  I use my heart, crown and palm chakras to broadcast the energies.  I also state I am sending this to the collective consciousness, the planet and all life on the planet.  This usually takes 10-20 minutes." 


Steve shared with us this information about his communication with EL. "Last May, circumstances led to me being 'connected' to an energy(s) that referred to itself as EL'. EL', it seems, is an energy(s) that is multi-universal, transcending all space, time, dimensions and traveling or 'existing' in multiple universes.  EL' never speaks in terms of light or dark, it is always positive or negative polarities. The main theme in all of EL's communiques is that the Earth Human form has the singular ability to affect universe wide positive change thru the power of unconditional LOVE and COMPASSION.! As an aside, EL' suggests that we send out ONLY LOVE, not necessarily light, as, according to EL', there are various “archonic” entities that also “feed” off of light. This what I have been told.

The 'pebbles in the pond ' idea is based on fluid dynamics, as the ebbs and flows of the universe are almost fluid in nature. If one were to throw a large boulder into a pond it would create one large wave, which would then dissipate. If one were to throw a great many smaller pebbles into the pond one after another, then a continuous 'ripple effect' will be formed, keeping the fluidity in continuous motion. According to EL' this is the best way to create LARGE changes. Hence, the 3 times a day, every third day. This is a GREAT way for those awakened to assist in creating positive change.....rapidly!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine the positive 'ripple effect' that would be created if this were being done by thousands every single day."

Once again, I, Nancy, am very inspired by this Pebbles in the Pond new way of meditation. Since there is no time in the 5th dimension and beyond, when we follow our own inner guidance to meditate in whatever way we choose, there is no time. We are opening the pathways to the freedom of self-empowerment, to create the perfect world in the completeness of Love. This is what the Love Essence of Mushaba represents. It is no wonder that the Mushaba Energy has been brought to us in the past few years. It is time for us to realize the essence of the Love that we all carry and how to manifest that which is in harmony with all of life in Love.

What we see here is that there will be constant meditation flowing around the world, 24/7. How can we get more powerful in Loving intentions than that!

I have written a poem, 'Pebbles in the Pond' in the energy of the content of this new webpage. You may go Here to read it.


Thank you dear friends, Steve, Susan and EL for bringing this to our world.  Steve and Susan have a website 'Portal of Lyra', which they created in 2013. You may go there by clicking Here .