Happy New Year in Patagonia AZ, Jan 02, 2019


Bob and I and our new dog Sarah woke up today to 3-4 inches of snow! As I lay in bed around 5:45AM I looked out the window and all I could see was a white background and dark gray branches of trees, etc here and there. I had the feeling that it had snowed. When we got up a few minutes later and began our new day, sure enough, we saw snow on the ground and covering outside tables, chairs, fences, etc. Having lived with fall-winter snow over the years, and then moving out here to the southwest in Oct, 1995, I had gotten used to not having snow in my life anymore, except for the winter we spent in the town of Mt Shasta.

I'm not saying that I expect that this is one of the changes that we'll have to get used to, but one that is telling us that this is the beginning of our new times here on earth, and some of the old stuff is filtering through our lives on the way out of the old into the new. It's all for the best, and is introducing us to the new ways of living in the moment and knowing that it is for the best of our lives and that it is time now to welcome the changes, for they will represent the creativeness that we have experienced and will continue to in the coming movements we will invite into our lives.


Here below are the pictures that we took of the snow covered morning of our home/yard. By the way, Sarah seems to be enjoying the snow, for she is German Shepherd/Husky mix.