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Bad News for US McDonald's French Fries Lovers



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I am subscribed to Dr Mercola's newsletters, and today I just felt strongly to post what I have known for sometime, but this is more in detail and involves more widespread news than I was aware of with the facts of other foods that are not healthy because of the additives in them.  It's time for us to do something about our world, our health and our connection with it all. It's time to 'leave the theater of lower energies' and create our own high energy world as we Love it!

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Story at-a-glance:

The French fries McDonald’s sells in the US are made with over a dozen different additives. The fries sold in the UK are just potatoes fried in sunflower or rapeseed oil

If McDonald’s can make a tasty French fry without preservatives, antifoaming agents, color stabilizers, TBHQ, and added flavorings for its British restaurants, why do they refuse to make them in the US?

More than 3,000 food additives are used in US food production, including infant foods and foods targeted to young children; many of which are banned in other countries due to health risks

Beginning of Today's Article, 02-11-15:

McDonalds, a poster child for the average fast food diet, has yet again been exposed for selling foods containing far more hazardous ingredients to American customers.

Repeatedly, we find that processed foods—which are bad enough even without added chemicals—contain far more hazardous ingredients in the US compared to other nations, most notably Europe.

In fact, many of the foods Americans eat on a regular basis are banned in other countries. On the upside, companies like Frito Lays has actually started offering a certified organic version of its popular potato chip, but it's only sold in certain stores.

With all the known health issues associated with junk food, why not offer this healthier organic version everywhere? Granted, organic potato chips are by no means a health food. But if you're going to eat chips, organic chips would certainly be the lesser evil.

There are countless of examples showing that processed food does not have to be quite as harmful as it currently is, yet there's a pervasive double standard. Americans get processed foods that are absolutely chock full of additives, while the same products sold in other nations are made with far fewer ingredients, and less hazardous ones.       Click Here for Complete Article.

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Are you eating food that's already banned in other countries but is still allowed to poison and kill Americans? Learn these pernicious ingredients and common foods through this infographic.