Fun Update on Our Dog Sarah, 12-21-2019

We have given Sarah the birthday date of December 22; that is the day we brought her home in 2018. Since we were told when we got her that she was somewhere between 2 and 4 yrs old, we decided recently to say that she was 3 when we brought her home, and that from now on we will celebrate her birthday on Dec 22. By the way, she has been having a lot of fun watching and 'playing with' a couple squirrels as they are running back and forth and up and down through trees in our yard and the ones next door. She sure enjoys her fun in this yard. She's such a wonderful dog!

Our Christmas Gift of December 22, 2018


Bob and I have been given the best Christmas present that could be given to us this year. I now give you the details from the beginning of this past Friday, Dec 21, 2018.

About mid-morning we headed out for some shopping, etc to Sierra Vista AZ, about an hour from our home in Patagonia. As we were heading into town Bob suggested that we go to the Animal Care Center on the outskirts of town to check and see if there is any dog there that we might want to adopt. I smiled and said, "That sounds good; I just had that thought a couple minutes ago." He smiled knowing that we were on the same wavelength.

When we went into the center we looked at all of the dogs who were all barking their enthusiasm for the possibility of being adopted. It didnít take us long as we stopped at each of the two-dozen or more enclosures where they all were. As we finished our exploration and had two of the dogs we looked at in mind, we went back to the first one and checked her out enough to know that we wanted to know more about her, so we went into the office and told them about her. They gave us the key, etc to get her out and told us where the walking areas are.

When we took her out there and spent time with her, it didnít take us long to realize Ďthis is the one we wantí. I went back into the office and began the process of filling out forms, etc. She is a German Sheppard/Husky mix, age around 2-4, very loving, likes to play, no over-barking. She even had a smile for us several times.

When we left the Center that day, we were so delighted that we found the perfect new dog for us. We had to wait till the next day to be able to leave with her and take her to her new home; we had to get in touch with our landlord in Colorado to ask him to call the Center and give permission for us to bring the new dog into the place we are renting. We knew that would come about, and after we returned the next morning, December 22, 2018, it was done.

Our new dog is named Sarah. Not only is she so loving and feels so at home, but also she has the name that is familiar to us. The woman who has been living in the cassita next door to us, which is owned by the same landlord we have, is a divorced, wonderful young lady, with an open minded son who is 3-4 years old. They are going to be moving to Bisbee next month, which is where Bob and I met. Her name is Sarah. Yes, she has the same name as this new dog we have. Our dog Sarah was formerly owned by a couple that got divorced and gave the dog to a friend, who gave the dog to the animal Center two months ago.

This was all meant to be, that Bob and I would find the perfect new dog for our pleasure and loving care of it. I definitely feel that what the soul of Cassie spoke to me about 2-3 weeks ago in the evening has come to be. Her soul said to me, that we need to find the dog we want, and then the soul would enter into the body of that new dog. I was told a number of years ago that my soul has 4 aspects and the fourth one has been entering into the dogs Iíve had in my life. The karma of the dogsí souls, which has been the fourth aspect of my soul, is all clear and pure now.

You can read in the Wake up Call of November 15, 2018 the story of what happened when Bob and I tried adopting another dog, whose name was Jim. It connects with this news of our new dog Sarah who is the perfect dog to bring that purity and Loving energy to us, and for us to return it to her in every way that we can. She is the answer to our dream of the perfection of these times and all that is clearing away to bring the perfection of Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love.


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New Dog 'Sweet' Sarah

December 25, 2018

Wonderful Christmas Gift

Bob and I Gave to Each Other