Merry Christmas to You All, Dec 25, 2017!

Bob, Cassie and I, Nancy, know that you are all enjoying this day of the new way of rejoicing and creating a life that is in harmony with all that you see for yourselves in the coming times. As the energies awaken and invite you to remember who you are, and why you have chosen to lead the lives that have brought you to this doorway, it is being accumulated in the energies of what you are bringing into your lives now. All is in the perfection of what you have chosen to experience, and as you float through the energies you will see that it is all in the Peace, Joy and Love that you are.

Have a glorious day of celebration, prepared for what is coming that suits your fancy and leads you to the perfection that your life sings and dances through. Life is the glory that you create, and I love you all so much!

I have recorded the song 'Feliz Navidad', on that celebrates Christmas.

To listen and sing along if you desire,

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