Changes I’ve Made With My Email Addresses


Sometimes you have to go through something and experience it before you know it is not what you really want to do. I have reached that with the changes in my email addresses.

I’m going to keep my address and delete any other of the email addresses I have. Since I decided to go to I have found that it is not what I want for ease in communication. I realized that I am doing too much with my choice in emails, so I will delete my as well because of the date in it. The date is always today; so I do not have a date in the email I will be using now for all purposes. I will be sending out all of the postings from the lists through my as well as using it for my personal email and welcoming any emails there that people want to send to me.

This tells me that which emails we ‘should use’ is an example of what so many people tell us we should be doing these days. Complications do not answer the choices in our lives these days, and in order to keep our lives in harmony with Spirit it is a matter of keeping our lives as easy and uncomplicated as we can. It is a matter of knowing that it is true for us to keep in harmony with all of life. That is what life is all about, and so that is what I have learned from this experience of being in the email time of communication.

So for those of you who have changed my email address please erase the old and create, or re-create the new with my present email address that I have been using as my personal address. I will also be using that address to share my list postings with all of you who have joined the lists I have on my website. I also will love having communication with any and all of you who choose to communicate with me.

Simplicity and truth is the answer of what we are to do to keep ourselves in the Honesty of Creation and the simplicity of being able to live in that life of Honest Love. Once we have joined the simplicity of what it is to live in this way of communication, then it will coincide with what we elicit to the whole of humanity in the communication of who we are and what we can do to be in harmony with each other in every way that we can return to the knowing of each other in the contact that we create in the moment of Love. Love is the beginning and the continuance of life in all of Creation. I send you all my Love, and I Love the feeling I receive from you of understanding and the completion of our togetherness in our forever life.

I was also inspired to sing a song from, and almost immediately in the list of songs I looked into to sing came the song that said, “This is the one.”  It is a John Prine song; I have recorded it and here is the link to go and listen to it if you desire. Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody.