"60 News Flash" Video

World Debt Paid Off


June 12, 2015: Bob received this 29 minute video from a private Skype group that he belongs to that has members around the world, and he saw this posted yesterday evening. We advise, it is well worth watching, but as always use your own discernment to see if any of it resonates with you. You can go and watch it by clicking on the link here:


Here below are some of the many comments on the youtube video page:

Whether true or not! This touched my heart. I don't have no debt at all. I just want everyone to be free and enjoy life and live in the now and not worry about tomorrow!

Live In the Now ? if we Don't wake up there will be no tomorrow ? Expose Freemasons Zionism And Lies , Truth is Love !

It is true L.....! And it touched my heart too!

Another Ben Fullford amazing baloney dreamers? Great! Oh and BTW, I wasn't able to find anything on the net about such station or program "60 news flash" ;) Most probably just another distraction BS...

"60 News Flash" is not a news station, wake up, it is the name of the video for the update, they are using new station graphics to enhance the quality of the video.

Lets end world hunger! Share the news!

I am with you.

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