Patagonia AZ Thanksgiving Foliage



Our Thanksgiving Sharing


On the day before Thanksgiving I suddenly had the idea that we, myself, Bob and Raine, here in this home, ought to share some thoughts/words with each other after our Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't know why it came to me to do that, but I didn't question it, and the others agreed. I am sharing now with you a recording of our words and thoughts, along with a surprise being, who we welcomed back with great Love.


You will hear some music in the background that I was inspired to put on softly for our dinner. It is the CD called Loon Echo Lake - Solitudes, by Dan Gibson. It is about exploring nature with music. As I listened to the recording of our sharing, I realized how perfect the music was for what was shared. Oh, and while Bob was speaking, you will hear the doggie door being used by Cassie. She just had to be a part of the sharing, in her own way. After I listened to what we all shared, I realized why I felt for us to share what we did with each other. It was also meant to share with all of you, for we are all experiencing the same kind of thoughts and words at this time of our lives. You may Click Here to listen.