Supermoon 2016 Over Patagonia AZ


I've discovered and added the 3rd photo with a faint view of the tops of the mountains.


After Bob and I saw the incredible Supermoon on Nov 13, 5:20pm, just above the horizon as we arrived in our neighborhood town, Sonoita, we regretted not having our camera with us. So we decided that on the next night, the Supermoon of the most intensity would not escape our camera lens. So we headed for Sonoita last night, on Nov 14, to be able to catch the Supermoon on camera to share with all of you. What we didn't realize was that it wouldn't come up that next night till an hour later than the night we first saw it. So after waiting almost 45 minutes, wondering if something was amiss, we headed back for Patagonia, which is only 12 miles away, and more in the hilly/mountain terrain than Sonoita, which is in open plains. We headed up the hill there where we knew we would have a view of the Supermoon. As Bob was beginning to take the pictures of the moon as it was peeking up from behind a mountain, 4-5 cars passed us, on their way back down the hill. We figured they might have been up the road further to see the moon. As I was receiving the message from the moon, another car passed, which you'll hear slightly on my recording. Most of the photos Bob took looked the same, so we chose these two to show you.


Here is the recording of my message from the Supermoon, 2016

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