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Sunset Message June 10, 11



Once upon a time there was a planet, and on this planet were many varieties of species, of lifeforms. As these species indoctrinated themselves into the various features of the planet they saw a likeliness between them and these features. They saw a union taking place that could forever enable them to live in harmony with all there was on this planet. As their lives took their joyful, peaceful, enriching roadways and turns, these species enjoyed the benefits of living in harmony on this planet. They came to know the soils; they came to interact with the vegetation. They came to be able to communicate with all of the animals, the bird life, the insects, with each other even more so.


Life was just wonderful on this planet for they had come from a place within themselves that had only experienced other beings such as themselves. On this planet there were experiencing a wider range of lifeforms. They were experiencing so many indigenous lifeforms, and had they not recognized the harmony that flowed between them, they would have been overwhelmed. They would have realized other wise that they were separate from these beautiful lifeforms.


However there came to this planet at some point in this harmonic convergence some other lifeforms that had not as yet experienced those that were indigenous to this planet. They came, these other lifeforms, and they walked around and they sought to be in control of these other lifeforms. Even when they infiltrated these species they saw them as different even though there was a familiarity about them. As they watched through the various intricacies of this planet, they sought to overcome anything that was not to their satisfaction. They sought to change that which was natural, and indigenous to the planet. They searched deep within themselves to find the stored remnants of other experiences on other planets from which they had come victorious, or at least in their way of thinking and being they considered it victorious.


Soon these other species were in observation of these off planet beings that had come and found to be unfamiliar with what was taking place. These species soon realized that these off planet beings were not satisfied with what was taking place around them. They wanted to change and control what was taking place. They wanted somehow to have the upper hand in everything that was taking place on the planet. These species talked with each other and decided to go to these off planet beings and speak with them, communicate with them in a way that would offer a helping hand to understand how life on this planet could be in harmony with what they had in mind, these off planet beings.


However nothing they said could dispel the feeling that these off planet beings had of being out of place and out of control. So soon these off planet beings began to manipulate the energies surrounding the species and indigenous beings of the planet. They sought to take control of how things were done, even of how the on planet beings saw themselves in the whole scheme of things. They wanted to be in control, have the upper hand. They could not relate to being in harmony with all of the individualizations that they saw on the planet. They saw only supplication to themselves. Supplication was in order in their minds. Supplication to what their ideas were had to be the way they could live on this planet with these other beings, such was the idea in their minds. Such was it that had ruled the way they had come and gone and had left the planets in their experience.


It was then when they began their sojourn into delivering to these aboriginals, these other species the controlling influence they had. They wound their ways around and through all aspects of life on this planet. And when they saw that their ways once again were being successful to their order, they stepped up their activities of this suppression of the freedom the aboriginals and species of this planet had been living in. They knew by the divine source from which they came, the divine source that they considered to be that which lived within them and was the only source in existence. They lived by the idea that they could control anything they desired, that they could overcome anything that was not in their idea of what they could gain.


This continued for many evolutionary periods. This grew in force; it grew in strength throughout these periods of evolution on this planet. And as the momentum gathered, stronger and stronger, they began to feel the pressure that came from the position that they had placed themselves in. As this pressure mounted they climbed to the atoll of what they assumed, and saw to be their position of power. From this place, from this position that they put themselves in they discovered there was no escape. They had no outlet; they had no diverse avenue by which to recede when the going got rough. They saw no way to reverse the tenure of their position. They saw a continuation, a helpless spiral spiraling downward, that they had created in their need for control.


As this spiraling downward continued they sought refuge in the species, and the aboriginals and yet they could not be heard by them. They could not be seen by them. All they could know was their spiraling downward into something that they could not even see. As they sought shelter, as they sought interference, as they sought anything that could bring them out of this downward spiral, they realized that the more that they sought to be rescued, the deeper they were dropping, spiraling into nothingness. They knew not what to do. They cried out for someone to reach out and bring them back so that they could be in control again. No one heard them. No one saw them. Everyone else, all of these beautiful beings, all of the aboriginals, all of the species were living their lives in the freedom that they demanded. The planet, the land, the scenery, the beauty around them deepened, more and more enhanced by the freedom in which it all thrived. More and more those who had come and sought to gain their control deepened their descent into the nothingness from which they could find no escape.


Suddenly one moment came and the light flickered at the bottom of this abyss into which they were falling. They saw this light and as they watched it, the light grew stronger. As they descended toward it the light became more intense. As they shouted to it, “Save me, pull me out of this abyss, send me back!” the light became brighter, yet in a soothing way. Just at the point in which those off planet beings thought they were going to loose themselves and be gone forever, this light spread forth in a softness that they had never experienced before. It enveloped them in a feeling so intense, yet at the same time so soft and loving, so overwhelming, that they could not utter a single sound. All they could do was succumb to this oneness of love so profound that there could be no retort to it.


They became that light that love, that softness, that strength, that power from which they had been born. They knew nothing else but that. And in that moment they recognized who they were, and from whence they had come, and that was all they knew, until they stepped forth into the next instant of their existence, vibrant, at peace, in harmony and in love. They were set free to once again step forth into that next step of existence, full of the promise of the rightness of their ideas.


Love is eternal. Life is eternal, is love. That is all there is.