A Bright New Day Coming!

Last Night, Dec 10, 2015, at 9 minutes to 10:00, before I closed my computer to go to bed, I got the feeling to go to my singsnap.com songs and listen to one that was recorded in 2011 and see if there was one from December 10. As it turned out there was; it is Do You Hear What I Hear, and I have posted it here. As I listened to it, I realized that I was led to the perfect song for Now. As you listen to it, you may find that it has special meaning for you. I feel it represents something that is in store for all of us in this coming energy of opening up to what is in store for us. I felt so strongly that it would speak to you in a way that means the gift of the coming times is ready for you to receive. It is for you to interpret this as you feel it is meant to be for you. Enjoy the coming times and know that there is a gift for all of us around the corner, in whatever way we are seeing and feeling it to be. Enjoy the song, and feel the energy of Love that I send to all of you on this day of 12-11-2015, which is a total of 13, which is a number that has been coming up for me throughout this year.


Click Here to Listen to the Song