Arizona Sunset Message, 12-11-10


If there ever was a day that I could describe as being perfect it would be this day, this day that is ending in this perfect sunset.  And the perfection is in the moment it doesn't have to compare with other sunsets other days.  It is what it is right now and as I gaze out of the window at the mountains and the cactus spearheading the end of this perfect day, I give thanks for all that has come my way.  I give thanks for all the beautiful people in my life.  I give thanks for the Bisbee sky, the Bisbee sunset; that's what I call it because of the copper and the turquoise before me in this sunset on this perfect Day. 

I see no end to all of the bounty that is coming my way.  I see no end to the bounty that is coming the way of all of you for I know that this is replicated through all of your lives.  I know that all you need do is take a moment to sit and reflect on what is before you.  To look at what is there in front of you and see it for the beauty it is whether or not it seems to be in another's eyes. 

Take yourself to this grand and glorious place in the times in which you feel there is no fancy.  Take yourself to the place of glory that you know has come forth from The Creator in conjunction with Gaia.  Believe what you are told as you sit in meditation and are told that there is nothing better than what you are doing right now in this moment.  Believe it, for it is truth.  And from this moment is born the next and the next.  And from this moment you take the seed of truth into the rest of your life, the seed of truth that you choose.  And when you make that choice you make it in the infinity of who you are, and that is what you carry through with you. 

You do not have to worry about what is coming.  Think about what is now and know you can carry it through in the moments, in the days and the months and the years because you create it.  You, you have that power.  You don't have to give in to all of that illusion that's around you.  You can see the beauty that is brought to you in every moment with the person sleeping on the sidewalk on a city street who, as you walk by smiles up at you and gives you a wink because he recognizes you in some way.  As you stop and you hold out your hand to him, he just shakes his head because "No", he says.  "I'm fine.  I am where I want to be right now.  I'm in heaven,"  he says. 

And as you look around and you see what his heaven means, you realize he has no worries, he has no cares.  He is not skin and bones, he has a smile on his face.  He has some bread cubes in his hand; he has a flask of wine laying at his foot.  He has a spark in his eyes that tells you that he is fine, and you give him a smile and you walk on thinking about his life as compared to yours.  You think about that, you think about his world and you think about yours.  And you look up at the sky and you see the sun is setting and the colors are reflecting the glint in his eye.  And you wonder, what is it, what is my measurement of my happiness in life? Is it by my bank account? Is it by the friends I have gathered at my table in my big house? Or is it the feeling that's within me that I have enough, that I have a ground to sit on, I have people around me, I have crumbs in my hand and that's all I need. I have a flask of liquid that warms me.  I have a place to be that makes me feel that I belong. 

When you read in the newspapers, and you read on the Internet and you hear on the television of all the turmoil that is going on, all of the different issues in this world, do you think that man on the street cares? Do you think it affects him? Does it affect you; are you leading your life according to what is within you, or without? Do you listen to all the tales of woe and live your life according to that? Or do you listen to your inner glow and remember the glint in that man's eyes as he stared up at you with a message of freedom, the freedom that he has to live his life in the way that he does?

You are never too far away from that kind of life as long as you know that as long as you honor what it is that means so much to you that doesn't cost you a red cent, that is with you always know matter where you are.  Believe in yourself; believe in your ability to create your world and a perfect way.  And know you do not need all the glitter and the glamour, the big cars, the many vehicles, the many rooms of furniture.  Know that all you need is yourself and the glow that emanates from you to another, who emanates it back to you. 

So go now into your day, your night, your evening, your new life, and realize that you are the creator of that world, of that life, of that peace, of that joy and of that freedom to be who you are.  No one can take that away from you. 

I bless you all, I love you all, and I see you in that freedom all of the time, as I do myself.


Nancy Tate