Mt Shasta Family Gatherings

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Adama, March 08, 2012


I welcome you to this home, and I welcome you to our energy. I am Adama, and I am pleased that the beginning of this series is being graced by such beautiful beings as are here now. We are indeed readying ourselves, all of us in this room, myself included, for the visitation that will be taking place in the next weeks and months. There will be many of us who will come up through, shall we say, the freeways of Mount Shasta through the system of entrance into this glorious land here.


This land is wonderful in that it's held a promise for all who are here ever since the world began. There was a plan in place, sort of an all-around plan for Earth, and there are places such as this all over the planet that are, as this one is, opening up to the promise that we are speaking forth to them that the Christed energy, that The Source is speaking through to them, and is being communicated through various modalities to various people, to various beings. As we continue through this procedure we shall be seeing many changes not only in the surrounding area, but within each and every one of you.


You will see it in the fleeting of an eye as it closes and then reopens. You will feel it as it touches in with your heart, with your soul and with that memory that is beginning to awaken. There is only one way that this can happen and that is through love. That is through trust in the truth of what you are receiving from your innermost guidance. We are here to assist you in this, to clarify any kind of confusion you may have. All you need do is ask.


You are powerful beyond belief, beyond your own belief. Your belief will catch up with you, and then you will know the abilities that you have to bring all into harmony on the planet. You are not here by accident in this area, in the sacred land here. You are here for a reason; all of you are, as are we, I, dear Horus, Hebechia, and all of those beautiful beings that are transposing the energy from within the Earth to the surface with the assistance of all of you.


Yes it is a two-way street; we are here in assistance as you are, as well. It's the assistance of one another that will make this happen. As we come to the surface and meet with you, you will be able to develop an understanding of what you feel, of what you speak, of how you move. You will be able to garner the understanding that has been awaiting your receivership. As we come to the surface and meet with you we will share with you the intricacies of what not only takes place in Telos and the rest of inner earth, but how you will be able to bring all of that knowledge, all of that way of living into your own lives. You will ready yourself to visit with us in the Inner Earth and eventually the Hollow Earth. You will find there will be instances of, shall we call it, déjà vu. It will be a remembrance of when you have been there.


There is no one in this room who has not been, through the life times that you spent on the surface, at least once in the Inner Earth and the Hollow Earth. For some of you it's been many times; that is why you are so familiar with the idea of the energy. That's why you were drawn here at this time. You have a purpose for being here at this time, and for some of you, such as this household, there had to be clearing done first before we could come and join with them in order to be able to go forth with the reason that you're here.


For all of you who have come and graced this house this evening, and all the others who will at some point, there is an advantage that you have of already being here. For you are already engrossed in the beautiful energy that is going to even out to a certain point and then rise in a way that will give you the answers that you seek. What is going to happen before 2012 in December is going to take place? You know it is not the end of this planet you know it is the beginning of a new way of being on this planet and you will be part of that.


You have chosen to be in this place in order to set down the roots for this area and outlying areas, for those of you who will be traveling to various parts of the globe. You will set down the roots in this area that will grow and develop in the leaves, in the branches of the knowledge of what life will be like here on earth when all is said and done. Every little leaf that you see on this tree of life will speak of another beautiful creation that you will be part of. You will be able to lay down a tablet of truth that people will be able to walk by and the energy will reach out to them to their hearts, to their minds. They will say, “I Know. I remember, this is it, this is what we are here for now and I'm ready.”


This beautiful planet, this Gaia has given up so much so that we may play this game and see how far down we can fall. She has stood by us in reverence and in determination that she does not disintegrate, does not die. She is here and she is blooming forth as I speak. Some of the people on Earth are able to see the new dimensionality of Gaia here and there, a moment’s flash, a dream. Parts of this new land this new dimensionality is already in place and it continues as I speak.


There is an ability that many people on earth have to see through into the fifth dimensionality that is already in place and they are the way-showers for their people, for the people in their midst. This is a glorious transformation that is taking place and as we come to you, each one of you in our own varying ways we will be telling you certain things. We will be speaking in a certain way that you will recognize, you will remember from when you spoke that language. It will be the key to unlock another piece of information that you will be able to work with, to live with, to create with.


That time is right around the corner for some of you. That time is right in front of you for others. That time is just down the street for many others. It is always going to be available to everyone on this planet. It is their choice whether or not they reach in and taste the beautiful honey of the truth; it is up to them. If at some point anyone on this planet chooses not to taste the honey they will be taken to another place. Then they will be assisted. They will be given their own will, their own free will to take the time that they require, or choose to come back to themselves.


This is what we do. We give you the allowance, we give you the free will and you choose whether or not it is your own free will or that of The Creator speaking through you and in harmony with you, with your free will. It is all oneness. As we wind down to a spoken word that tells the whole story you will realize that even spoken words are not necessary. They are to be used at will, almost as music. What am I saying, almost? They will be the music; they will be the lullaby of change and of love and beauty! The songs will resonate throughout the heavens, throughout the trees, the oceans, the plains. The flowers will speak forth their harmonic resonance. All will be in harmony, and all will be according to the desire and intent of all of you.


If there is anyone who does not care to have all that beautiful resonance, just with that intent they will be in total silence, or whatever degree of silence they wish. It is a harmonic balance that will be achieved between all of life on this earth and out into the universe. In the meantime the energies on this planet right now that have been disrupting life, as we know it are being discharged to varying places. There are people on this earth who are being taken to various ships, various places on the planet, to be able to change their outlook, change their ideas on what they have been doing. They will make the choices as to whether they will be secluded and held under lock and key. Whether they will be taken aboard ships or into beautiful caverns, and healed according to their choice.


They will be taken out of the mainstream. They will not be allowed to influence what is taking place even as I speak. As this gradual displacement of these ones who would not, do not choose to resonate with what is taking place to raise the vibration of this planet, and all life on it, they will be removed. They will not be allowed to interfere anymore with this transition that is taking place now. This is to a varying degree what is happening.


As reports of arrests, resignations and so forth spring forth into the news media there will be some consternation with other people as to what is going on. There will be times of imbalance, and people such as you, who realize what is behind all this, will be the beautiful holders of the balance of energy. You will be able to keep an upper mind, an upper heart, an upper energy of vibration that will assist this whole imbalance to become balanced.


Sometimes you may feel, how is it ever going to come to be? There are so many people on the planet who have run amok. How can this take place before a lot of people fall away from fear, in fear? I am telling you now there is more capability within a majority of people on this earth who are awake to make a change from one moment to another. It's continually bringing up the vibration of everything. When the vibration reaches a certain point, the people have only one recourse, one of two. One is to stay and be a part of it; the other is to leave. It is their choice, and people such as you, and those of us who come up from Inner and Hollow Earth, we are here to instill within all of life on Earth this beauty, this truth, this love, this harmony through various ways.


We are in, you might say, cahoots with the sun right now. The sun is speaking with us with all of the offshoots, of all of the blasts, which you might call them. These are waves of love; these are sharings of energy that wake up. You are being woken up with a love from this beautiful sun, which is also a planet. It is the center of your system, just as your heart is the center of your physicality. You may feel sometimes that your mind is that center. It is not; it is your heart. Your heart determines the distribution of the information that comes from your spirit into your soul, and then emits to the mind. The mind carries it forth and shares it with all of existence. This is what the light does.


This is the beauty of the interaction, the harmonic interaction of all life and existence. So the next time you open your door and there’s someone there smiling at you, invite that one in, or invite that one to sit with you outside. If someone comes up to you in the store and gives you a smile, you may want to say hi, you may want to say a few more words. There are many beings up here on the surface now, and sometimes their purpose is merely to exchange a smile to look you in the eye. I'm talking about the third eye as well as these (points to the two eyes and the third eye) for having that triangle is a completeness of communication of the light. It is the understanding that comes. Whether it comes in that instance of receivership, or someplace, sometime down the road, something might happen that will trigger that and you say, why I know that, or I know what to do. All of it will be there. That knowledge, that communication will be there when it needs to be, when it is time for it to be. You will know where it came from.


Now, as these events, these communications come forth in the weeks to come we will be more involved in details. Some of the people in the area who may come, or may hear about them from other people will realize, oh yes, I have been visited; oh yes that is what that was about. They don’t have to come to these meetings to know that they are part of this and to know what that part is at this moment.


As I bring to you one more piece of information, once that information is out, it may instill a question or two, and I will be here for that, to bring you an answer. This piece of information is, in the next few days there will be a sunspot that will beam itself to the earth in a way that will open up several areas, several vortices on the planet, to a greater expansion of energy. There will be this interaction between these rays, these gamma rays and so forth, between them coming from the sun and coming from the central sun within the Hollow Earth. There will be a continuous communication.


As this vibration becomes so intense as if it is standing still, or does not exist, the communication will be complete for this phase. The vibration of earth will cleanse any unsettlements that there may have been within the infrastructure of the inner earth. There have been some places in the inner Earth that have been quarantined, have been disrupted, have been disqualified, let's say, from being places that the beings from Inner Earth can visit. This is all going to be taken care of in the next few days. There will be no part of the inner Earth that cannot be visited by any light being. All will be cleansed. The crystalline energy of Inner Earth will be brought back to its pristine state. There'll be no sawdust, no dust, no debris left. That of course will affect the surface in a way that will become evident as the days, weeks and months continue. It will accelerate the opening and the awakening of all of those who choose to stay here. It will accelerate the leaving of those who choose not to stay here.


Now I am open for a few questions if you have any.


Q: We heard that there was a huge solar blast that occurred yesterday, and we felt it here on the earth today. Your assurance that it was a big infusion of love is very reassuring. Could you clarify a little bit about what the next infusion will be? We’ve been hearing so much about the cabal and the dark ones who have been being cleared off the planet. We’ve heard that they have had a lot of underground installations and that the rest of those installations are being cleared out in the inner earth and will no longer be places that anybody can’t go to.


A: Yes, and the new flare that is coming will have a dual purpose in as far as it’s intense heat of light will immediately shoooosh. Then immediately,

almost in the same instant, it will cool that intensity of heat and bring that into a harmonic balance. It will be such an incredibly pure area. It will be even more pure than it has ever been, that part of the earth, for there was reason for it to have a slight imbalance, even from the beginning. Because, with the creation of earth came that destiny, that destined imbalance that would be part of carrying the duality that would eventually come and has been here. Now it is time for that to all become in balance and become the purity of The Source, and that is what is taking place. It is in preparation now for that, with the rays that have been coming, and this next one that is coming is going to, as they say, finish the job. You will feel the difference, those of you who are tuned in to that vibratory balance and beauty; you will feel the difference.


We are swimming around in a heaviness that no matter how much you try to get out of it, it kinda presses down again on the energy. That is because there is so much missing from the center of everything here on earth including the people, all life, all of that heaviness that has been kept cloistered within is lifting out. As it lifts out you can't help but feel it, and as you know, to be able to recognize it for what it is and just say, you’re just old stuff and you’re gone and I thank you for leaving, words of gratefulness, and understanding and knowing releases it in a very timely manner. You’re almost free now. 


Q: You mentioned Hebechia being there. Could you speak to what he is doing at this time? 


A: Hebechaia is working between the planet and out there as you say. He is an ambassador from the Galactic Federation who has been for some time working between not just the Inner Earth, but also frequently into the Hollow Earth, and bringing that resonance of complete communication between all. He is working with various star-beings and other planetary beings that are out there in residence waiting to see how this all goes. It's something they can learn from, and for many of them and for many others it is something they can be in reverence of, they can hold an energy for.


There is so much going on out there and in here that in many instances has not been seen before or experienced and it is a glorious source of learning for many of the beautiful family out there in the universe. Hebechia has played many roles in doing this. He has been a traveler of the whole universe and he has even been out into various other layers of universes, of other universes that have sprung forth from this one. He right now is in residence, I speak of today, residence on a ship with the Galactic Federation and, as soon as this coming solar flare does what it is destined to do, he will return into the Inner Earth. He will assess what has taken place. He will go into the Hollow Earth and he will also assess any affect it may have had there. Then he will report back out to all those that he is part of.


Q: We’ve had communications with Hebechaia in the past with our dear friends Doris who is now passed, so I assume there’s some kind of connection between Hebechaia and us.


A: He has been the bearer of all many bits of information through your dear friend Doris, and through this one once or twice and various others. He has been a purveyor of news and information at various times when it was needed. He is at this time working with your dear friend Doris. She is known now out there now as Akashnella. We are assisting her to come to that place within herself of complete knowledge of who she is and what her next journey will be. She will be returning to Earth; she will be in recognition by many of those who knew her as Doris. There will be a time when she will make herself known to you and it will be a grand reunion.


Q: We were hiking today on Spring Hill, and there were chemtrails. I keep asking when the chemtrails will be gone and wondering who is perpetrating the chemtrails, why are they still happening, and when will they cease?


A: Well, let’s put it this way, they are on their last legs, or ribbons, or whatever you want to call it. As soon as they are released into the atmosphere, we are working to cleanse them. There is an ongoing barrage of activity concerning these chemtrails, and as they filter through the skies they distribute these chemicals, poisons, and they are meant to be a part of the disintegration of a wonderful planet. As soon as they are out there and spread out like this, before they in their own way begin to filter down they are purified. They are no longer as detrimental as they once were.


There are certain areas on the globe that have, shall we say, an agreement that has been made to take care of a karmic agreement that has been in place. In some of those areas we do not cleanse the trails at this time for to do so would be to go against the karmic resolution of those areas. This is almost at the point where even that will be satisfied. There is an energy that has been in place in these areas that has instilled a lot of negative activity and this is being resolved. Until that is resolved these areas will still collect this activity. This is not for very much longer.


Q: Who is behind this activity?


A: Various people of the cabal. They are being allowed to continue this to a certain point. This solar flare that is coming in the next few days, which I’ve spoken of, is also designed to resolve that karma in those areas. There are certain agreements that have been in place since earth was formed from her split off from Maldek. These are being resolved now and it has to do with the energy of the universe, the universe as a whole. As this resolution of these negative energies comes into balance, becomes positive it affects the whole universe. The whole universe is benefiting from all this activity that’s taking place in some way and it will all come into balance once this takes place in the next few days. Not only will the inner Earth be returned beyond its pristine state that was considered pristine before it was habitated, it will go beyond that. From there the experience and life on Earth will go beyond what at one time it was deemed it could.


Q: I've read that solar flares can trigger earthquakes. Is there any potential of that? Are the ones orchestrating this taking it into account?


A: That is for the purpose as well for cleaning the Inner Earth for lets say replenishment. It’s adjusting all the plates inside, all of the structure inside in the Inner Earth to be all in resonance and ready for this that will take place. So the earthquakes are part of that. The areas that I spoke of as being areas that still are drawing the chemtrails, many of those are the areas that are having this earthquake activity. It is all part of this restoration of the perfection of the Inner Earth and the Hollow Earth. Anyone who lives in those areas that may be harmed may leave the planet, or whatever they are there by their agreement for that.


Q:  So there is a potential for earthquakes within the next week, significant, damaging earthquakes?


A: There is a potential, yes, within the next week. Remember that time on earth is speeding up, but the influx of these rays has no time. It's a matter of when they hit the atmosphere of earth, and that will affect the idea of time. That is how one concept of time can be different from another. Some of the changes that will take place in the Inner Earth from this will be already dimensionally done and by the time the earthquakes catch up with that it will seem like a longer time here on earth in the physical, but not much longer. There will be other reasons for earthquakes a little further down the road continuing what seems like a little longer. That will be in the interest of restoring a lot of the terrain back to its original, or its pristine, or it’s destined state of being. All will be in resonance with all.


Q: So the thing about Lemuria, which is now the Pacific Ocean, right? Some of that land will come up?


A: Somewhat. Things are not going to return to its original terrain and structure and so forth. Some will return. It will be different, it will be new, it will be a whole new picture, you might say. The old way of how it was, is no longer harmonious with the vibration earth will have and all on her. There will be a whole new way of the land forming and rising and so forth. It won’t be altogether different, but it won’t go back to the way it was before the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria. It will be fairly similar to what it is now but there will be some differences.


Q:  We’ve been hearing a lot about the monetary system collapsing but we’ve also been hearing that NESARA will be put in place, that there will be funding for people all over the planet so that we can draw people out of poverty, homelessness, and all that. I’d like to hear what you have to say about that.


A: What I have to say about that is that everything will happen at it’s own pace. It is no longer a matter of ‘everything has already taken place, therefore it will be this particular way’. It’s that everything is being brought to newness every single moment, and what happens in one area of the change can change something that happens in another. So what looked like it would be this way a moment ago, a day ago, could be altogether different because of what happened here. So yes, there will be a beautiful transformation of the bounty. There will be wonderful riches that will come, and harmony will prevail with the planet. Everyone will be able to realize comfort, abundance, all of that, that has been talked about. Even that information is vibrating and is evolving as the methods, the energies, the things that are done evolve the whole thing. So yes, there will be that. We cannot say at this time when it will happen, or how it will happen, just that yes, what that all represents will happen when it all comes together and evolves into that beautiful vibrating abundance and caring, and harmony is in place.


I feel Horus here right now, and he just wants to offer his greetings to you.


Horus: Thank you, thank you Adama. I am Horus and I am not going to give you information tonight. I just wanted to acknowledge that I am here, and I will be here and speaking more at other times. I am here because I wanted to share with all of you this beautiful energy here and to tell you I shall see you at some other time and talk with you. I gave Adama the stage today. He tried to pull me on stage, so here I am. I love you all so much, and I will see you next week. Back to Adama.


A: Dear ones, I will see you next time, those of you who choose to grace my presence. I shall bring more information for you. Right now I would like to invite you to partake off some tea and goodies, wonderful cookies, home-baked, and some pleasant conversation. Enjoy the rest of the evening that you are here, and I will see you once more.



Thank you dear Adama and Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate