The following is the text of the Public information from St. Germain Speaking about the RVs and about Mr. Keshe, etc Taken From a

combination of personal and public messages from Horus and St Germain.

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Here is the French Translation of the 03-09-14 Message from St. Germain. Thank You Patrick rev. Isabelle, and Luisa.

03-11-14: Since my Update yesterday with St. Germain speaking of the RV I have received many emails asking, "What is the RV?" I began to put together an explanation with information from our dear friend Peter's website, which you will see in the following message. Then I felt St Germain ready to give me some words of clarity for you.

Update: 03-11-14


The RV is the revaluation of the world wide Currency. The GCR is the global currency reset. 198 countries have their own Currency. Through the decades there has been much Currency Manipulation. To read more you can go to

Also, there is much information on the internet about this.


I feel St. Germain ready to make some clarity for you. “There is a coming time when the RV and GCR will be a household word around the world. For now it is something that many know about and they are passing the information around to those who are interested in hearing, reading, knowing about it. It is the impetus that so many people have to get out of the old way of doing things and into the way that represents something that is of equal value in all aspects rather than something that has no value in the equality of humankind. 


It is as if someone wanted to share with you a loaf of bread that they had just made and asked if you have a blanket that they can use for one night because they don’t have an extra one for the guest they will be having. The equality is agreed upon between the two people and it is measured by the amount of trust and Love that is between them. When the gold, silver, or/and whatever is put into the exchange basket, it will be in the agreement of all who engage in the exchange. When whatever form of exchange of value is in place in the banks, the amount of currency that will be distributed in whatever manner will be equal to the form of exchange that is in place to back up the value of what is distributed.”



Horus/St Germain, 03-09-14


Horus: St Germain is here; he would like to speak with you.

Bob: Hello SG, welcome.


St Germain: Thank you! There is something that I would like to bring up, for something has taken place that I feel you would be most valued in realizing, all of you. There has come a change-about in the whole RV situation. As I speak it is winding its way to completion. This whole change-about is in order for it not to be delayed any more, not to be fooled and messed with, but to be out of the energy field of those who would serve and seek to keep it being continually one step ahead or behind, depending on who we’re speaking of. It’s like, what has been taking place is the more people talk about it, look for it, and so forth, the more it moves away, trying to get away from those who are on this side of it (when he said this side, he motioned with the hand to the right of him, meaning negative energy) seeking to take it to their own energy. This resistance has been broken. It is no longer accessible to those who seek it for themselves. It is now only accessible to those who seek it for all, for the benefit of the Light. There is, it’s not even a barrier, but they would consider it so, but there is an energetic field that is accessible into, only by those who would seek to make use of what is on this side (here he used the hand to go to the left, meaning positive energy) of this field in a way that is in Love.


If anyone, who even has come from a place that they feel is love, have in the backs of their minds a feeling that ‘now they can have money in their lives for themselves in a way that they’re picturing all these wondrous monies that they can embrace to them, it won’t even be accessible to them, for their thoughts are, ‘if I have more money I am better myself, I am stronger, I am more valuable’; that is part of this side (hand motion to the right) my dear ones. In a small way, yes, compared to what this side is(to the left). However, this is part of what these ones have been seeking with the RV and what it means to bring it to themselves to show their worth, to show their value, they yet have some climbing to do in their own worthiness to realize their extreme worthiness, without having to prove it.  And so eventually they will be in the energy where they will see they do not need it for their worthiness. Doesn’t mean they can’t use it for themselves but it’ll be in a way that they can be in a better position so they feel to help others. They will be able to get up off the ground in the litter with a handful of money that they can give to the other person right beside them, so they can get up, and they can go on to the next and the next giving them the beauty that they have to be able to realize their worth, rather than sitting back with it like this (stooping and hugging it to him) and saying, “Now I’m worthy” and staying there.


And so dear ones, this is where it is imperative that you look at your motives, look at your feelings about this whole idea, this whole RV idea, and realize where you are coming from with this. Really examine your feelings concerning it, for that is the key that will unlock the treasure that you will take with you to others, and share and show that you do not need the money to acquire what it is that you desire and would like in your life. It is a way-go, and a way-show, and a way-be to arrive at that place where you know you could stand in a puddle of mud and extend your arms out to the person who has dumped it on you, and say I love you. Come stand with me and we will turn this mud into gold, silver and gold that is so fluid in love that it will release us from being bound to any idea that there is any ‘thing’ that is better than us.


So watch for the news on the RV and all of that and notice any slight changes there may be, any differences that you may see in the news that comes out about it. See behind the scenes what is taking place, and be in peace with it, and be in joy with it, because the more that you are the more it will be what it is meant to be, an expression of freedom for everyone, even those over here (to the right) who are so engulfed and trapped in the energy they have chosen for this millennia. If they could, but in one moment feel the release from the fear energy into the love, guess what they would choose.  Yes, it would be the Love. To have that ultimate freedom from that deepness, that groundedness, that overpowering to go more and more and more into where they are, thinking that this is what would give them the freedom. Feeling that one moment of Love, experiencing it definitely would begin their climb back to it, the eternalness of it, and they would come over here (to the left) where you are. So remember that, in anything that you do, because concerning money, things it is not evil. It is tools by which you access that which means freedom forever in the love of the beauty and the wisdom of the beautiful Creator Source. This is what I wished to share with you today.


Bob: I have a couple questions.

SG: Okay

Bob: I’m sure you’re aware of the last few days of the very recent announcement by Mr. Keshe, and his Keshe Foundation, where he has released to the world all of his and his many scientific inventors that surround him to the world, to the internet, all his technology, as well as the names of various individuals who have done much ‘bad things’, not only to hold up these inventions, but other kinds of things. This is, it certainly seems to me, is a breakthrough in information coming forth to the public that will have a large impact. Can you say anything to that?


SG: I say, yes, you are correct. I have been working with Mr. Keshe.

Bob: I thought you were.

SG: Yes. He is completely, completely immersed in our protection.

Bob: Good! That is what I was calling for too, myself.


SG: Yes. He has agreed to this, to our protection. He has been desiring to bring forth his information, and we have spoken with him in a way that brings him to realize with our protection he can be of more service than without it. That is why we are surrounding him. That is why he is bringing forth what he can, and in this way the people will begin to see the truth of what they have been denying for so long. It will open up more doors for them, and not only for them, but for others who will feel the difference in them, and will ask, “How are you, what’s going on with you? You feel different, you sound different.” They can share with these others what they have been receiving and hearing.


This is what this is all about. We are all One, and every time we reach out to someone else, we reach out to ourselves. We share with ourselves another aspect of what we know already, what we need to waken up to. These beautiful, beautiful beings on this planet and beyond are all in the same enmeshing. Seems to be a popular word today (his reference to personal readings earlier).  And as we intertwine all of these fibers of this whole journey, we find that when something, when one of these fibers gets understood, it changes to gold. As more and more of these fibers change to gold of truth, and shine forth to the others, then so too do the others, without even knowing why. There will be one fiber, one person who has heard, or read, been told a truth that really resonates. And then someone next to them, as they’re standing in line for an elevator, or in a store, or whatever, will feel this difference, this energy, whether they know the person or not. They will be affected by it. They will turn to this person and the person will smile and will smile back. That will bring about a change in this person. From then their lives will be transformed further closer to the truth. It is the way it is happening now.


So when you are out around people, you affect them trough the gold energy that you emit from your truthfulness of knowing. You touch in with another part of yourself and that part opens up and you recognize each other in some way. That is the beauty of being in Love in the freedom that no one can take away from you, for it is within you, and anything that is within you cannot be taken without your permission and allowance.


Guest: can I ask a question?

SG: Yes


Guest: can you speak just a little bit; you were talking a little bit about the whole thing with the RVs and the freedom? I’m not sure if I just didn’t hear right, but I guess if you would not mind giving me just a little bit more clarity, because it sounded like, I thought you were saying that somehow freedom is equated with RVs.

SG: It is a matter of people’s idea of the RVs is what they associate with their freedom. So many people feel that they don’t have the funds by which to do whatever; they don’t have the freedom to do it. This is one way in which they can realize the funds is but another 3D means by which to bring to them, or to share with others that which they do not have yet. I am not saying it is not a good way to come to the realization, for this is still a world in which many things require, in one aspect, something that can be shared, some coins, a piece of paper, whatever, for something that they want, a dinner in a restaurant, something to wear, a hat to put on their head, whatever. 


There will come a time when that exchange will ascend into an energy exchange. However, this will be an intermediary way for people to raise their energy, and to see how they are able to receive this money and what to do with it. These funds will do more than just show them what they can do for themselves. It will be showing them what they can do, how they can share their wealth with others and feel the utmost Love for themselves, for being able to share that for those that they love out here. It’s an intermediary that will have great affect. If there is someone who knows all the chatter, all the information about the metaphysical world, and they’re walking in it and trying to convince themselves of its utmost truthfulness, then this, as they walk further in it and expand their idea of what it really means to share, then they will get to the point where they will know that they do not really need the money, the funds by which to share this wonderful knowledge of who we all are, and that we do not need these things to bring into our lives that which we desire. That is the evolving journey that we are in at this time. I;m not saying that you shouldn’t look for the money, for the RVs and all that, I’m saying to realize its potential, and what you are working towards in this, and the part you are playing in the eventual realization that you can bring about that which you desire in your own energetic way.


Guest: Thank you.

SG: Yes

Bob: So can I make a statement and you can correct me if I’m not seeing it clearly?

SG: Why sure.


Bob: From my viewpoint, understanding, research, knowing it seems to me like what is taking place is the RV is the first step in getting the general revaluation of the currencies worldwide, but beyond that it is the bringing in of the new financial system, even if it is in a temporary sense, as you’re saying. That will then nullify any and all of this fake currency worldwide, therefore the illuminati will not be able to rebuild. They will have no funds of any value. This is freedom for all of the inventions that have been put on the shelves, even Mr. Keshe and his Foundation’s inventions, which will do some of these things that we’re talking about. Without the use of money we could create food, medicine, free energy, space travel with very little technology involved, as far as complicated technology. So this is a step in that direction to free the world from interference.


SG: That is correct. This is looking at where we are right now, expanding our vision, seeing as we expand our vision, all of this in between stuff, and seeing the beautiful light beyond there where everything is flowing in the ease of no encumbrances. You are seeing that and you are realizing that there is no intermediate. It’s like turning backwards, the time machine, and clearing out all of the debris to get back to the ultimate freedom. But it won’t be the same in the ultimate freedom as it was before, because there will be all that we have learned in the intermediate and beyond. That is the sphere that we have created in this time here on earth. That is the awakening to the gift that we have given to ourselves through this circle that we are creating anew to get back to ourselves. That is where this number 8 configuration comes in. it is going back to the Creator, back to the beginning of when we came here, and coming around in a whole new fashion to our next expression. Combined with the knowledge of the experiences that we have had, and beginning the new, incredibly wonderful expression that we shall bring to ourselves and the Creator Source, all in One. That is what we are all about, is it not?

Bob: Yes, and thank you so much dear St. Germain.


SG: Thank you so much, all of you, for being a part of this. You are so truly, truly, and Horus stands before me now, our arms intertwined, smiles on our faces. We are truly, truly in oneness with you, with all of you (in the room) and all of the other You’s beyond these four walls. More questions?

Guest: No I have no more questions. I just reel a deep sense of gratitude to both Horus and St. Germain; thank you.

Bob: Do you have a closing statement you would like to give us?


SG: I would like to say this, first of all I will say one more thing I wanted to say about beautiful Meshae, and it is that he volunteered to come to this planet in this lifetime to be of service in this way. He is originally from the planet Mushaba, and he realized his place would be most appreciated. He also knew to come in the body that he is in would also speak forth of the Oneness of us all, no matter the color of the skin, or the originality of the planet one was created to inhabit. From there I would like to say to all of you, what I just told you about Meshae…

Bob asked, is that Keshe, Keshe?


SG: I speak that name for it is the name he had before coming here. Thank for that correction for it is the name he had before coming here. He did want to keep it close. There is that Oneness that each of you have here because you are all One and you all have your contract agreement that you came here to follow. I don’t speak only of in this lifetime. It is for this millennia of time on this planet. As you express yourself in this lifetime, this final lifetime of this encumbrance kind of life that you’ve been experiencing you realize of some level that you have gained so much from your gift to others. There the enmeshing is complete. The Oneness is experienced and expressed. We look forward so much to the moment when we shall all recognize each other and begin our celebration of our reunion.

Bob & Guests: Thank you so much Horus, thank you St Germain.

SG: Thank you.