Zahn's Holiday Hugfest and Her Youtube Video




            Dearest ONES,
Having been a happy hugger & huge proponent of hugging for as long as I can remember, its not a surprise that I would put on a Holiday Hug Fest here in Mt Shasta… for the second year in a row!  Not only was it a great success, I was able to get it filmed by a photographer friend,
Jeff Leland, who had never produced a video before. Well, you be the judge… I think he did an AWESOME job! 
Before I give you the link… as I was actually a bit tired when we began filming, and didn’t talk much about why I was doing this, I’d like to elaborate now.
Actually, for me, even without much physical energy, hugs are effortless because the #LOVE energy IS EFFORTLESS!!  In fact, it actually energizes me, and I’m sure all those who participate, which is one of the great benefits… when hugging, there is an equal exchange of that love energy!  I guess this is why hugging is recommended for maximum #health. And because I’m not an actual ‘expert’ on the subject, I found a great article that gives   
10 scientific reasons why… 
“We need four hugs a day for #survival.. eight hugs a day for #maintenance… and twelve hugs a day for #growth.”  

I know why I love to hug… for me, its a way to spread love and light to as many as are willing to participate. And or course, it helps me open my #heart still further and build my #light body. And if for some reason you don’t feel to hug others, HUG A TREE!!! You’d be amazed at how satisfying that can be! 
Well, I guess that’s enough of an intro to the video.  Without further ado, heeeeeeeeere’s  
Zahn’s Holiday Hugfest YouTube Video    
Please feel free to circulate this far and wide to help bring more love and the joy of hugging to the whole planet… but, most of all, just ENJOY!
Lots of Love, Joy, & HUGS,

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