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Dearest ONES,

On this auspicious occasion of yet another New Moon/Eclipse, the third in a triad of Eclipses, I am launching a project that has been building within me for quite some time. In order to properly introduce you to it, I'd like to address something that has been mentioned in many messages of late. We're being encouraged to use these potent energies to release emotions that no longer serve us. 

I, myself, had a couple of these profound emotional releases beginning recently at an ascension event with Mollie Summerland. At that time, I found myself becoming aware of feelings of un-worthyness, declaring to the group, through pain-filled tears that I was indeed 'good enough' just as I am (although I 'knew' that was only partly true at the time). Surprisingly, when I finished, everyone applauded. That's when I realized, apparently this was an issue that's up for us all, which was soon confirmed by various channels and several friends. 

About a week later, out of the blue, I began to experience feelings of profound loneliness... something rather foreign to me. Days after one long sob-filled meditation, which only made me feel more lonely, I decided to have another go of it. This time I played that MUSICAL RAPTURE GIFT from Patti Cota-Robles as backdrop to help transform this bottomless pit of loneliness within myself. 

Well, let me tell you..  First, I found myself becoming keenly aware of missing my 'space' family (sob, sob, sob)... followed by feelings of separation trauma I had experienced at 10 weeks old, when bronchial pneumonia wrenched me from mother so I could recover in the hospital (sob, sob, sob). As I moved through these intense feelings, with the help of this awesome music, I remembered what a friend once told me... all feelings of separation humans experience are reallly feelings of separation from God, which is also the foundation for duality on the planet. 

Coming out of this meditation, I pondered... Is it in fact this deep-seated, core loneliness...  feelings of separation that cause criminals to do what they do... I'm not just talking about common criminals, but the ones who thrive on power and greed, like the 'criminals' in government and big business.  Many of us would like to see them gone from the planet, or at least from our lives. However, there IS another way. 

Here are a couple of stories that prove how the POWER OF LOVE can transform the most heinous crimes and criminals. They are also the cornerstone of my 'project':


A young psychology student was about to enter her Manhattan apartment, when she was suddenly abducted by two men at knife-point. While one of the men drove to the marshes of New Jersey, the other one jabbed a knife at her throat, threatening, "How does it feel to know you are about to be raped and killed?"  Of course she was frightened, but as a psychology student, she began to ponder what would cause them to be so hateful so as to commit such heinous crimes.


When they arrived at their destination, one of them pointed to the various mounds of earth, proudly proclaiming, "this is where we've buried our other victims."  They then stripped her, threw her on the ground and just as one of them was about to rape her, she lovingly took his face in her hands, looked compassionately into his eyes and said, "There, there, you don't have to be afraid." Then the strangest thing happened. The man who was about to rape her froze for a moment and then broke down into uncontrollable sobbing. The other man, looked over and said, "What happened? What went wrong?" As he became caught up in the other man's emotion, he, too, began to sob. The two men continued to sob and sob as though their hearts would break.


Quite some time later, as the men's sobs slowed, she said, "Okay boys, its time to go home."  After she dressed, they drove her to a train station in Manhattan, where they left her to find her way back home, never having bothered to take her money.


It deeply touches my heart the way her unconditional love broke through the intense loneliness both men must have felt all their lives. Its unimaginable to me that their lives were unchanged as a result of this encounter... as I'm sure hers was as well.   I know my life was changed after having had a similar experience about 35 years ago: 


It was the year my mother died of Cancer and I was quite self-destructive, having felt helpless to save her.  I was dating a man who often told me how he would sit on the huge boulders in Central Park to meditate during the wee hours of the morning. One night, after a very late dinner in Manhattan, Harold invited me to join him on one of those rocks. Of course, being quite self-destructive, I didn't hesitate to say yes. 


As we made our way towards the top of a huge boulder, Harold chided me, "You know, there are on average only one murder a night here in the park." I nervously laughed as we continued on, knowing this was more than likely true.  Once settled on the rock, I scanned our surroundings, as the park was bathed in the magical light of the full moon. While doing so, I saw three men against the horizon, coming towards us. I nervously nudged Harold, "What's that?" That's when I learned that Harold had a habit of mumbling under his breath when he was frightened, which of course is what he did. It was then that Harold told me he used to 'lay' on the rocks while meditating. He never sat upright as we were doing, which explained why he had never been bothered by anyone in all the years he meditated there.


We both breathed a sigh of relief as they turned and left.  It wasn't long before we heard bottles breaking down below, which triggered Harold to again mumble something under his bresath. This was not a good sign. Moments later the leader slowly walked towards us, holding a bottle, while his two thug companions approached us, one from each side. They were both carrying broken bottles.


 All at once, something in me shifted dramatically.  It was as if the scene itself had completely changed as did I, sort of like in a sci-fi movie. I suddenly saw these men as flower children coming to join us on this beautiful balmy summer night, offering a bottle of wine to share. After all, it was the 70's - the era of peace and love.  I whole-heartedly invited them to join us on this rock on such a gorgeous night... yadda, yadda , yadda... continuing on and on with my genuinely loving welcome. 


They waited patiently for me to finish, after which, the leader said quite cooly, "Yea, but we need some money." Harold's response was of course to mumble something under his breath, while mine was to continue prattling on in loving flower-child fashion. Again, they waited for me to finish.


Not knowing quite how to respond, the leader simply asked for a smoke. Well neither of us smoked (cigarettes), but Harold groped around for the pipe with marijuana he had been smoking earlier. Offering it to them, each took their turn to have a toke. I remember thinking later, it was as if they were passing the peace pipe. Soon after, they put their heads together in sort of a pow-wow. I guess they hadn't ever encountered anything quite like this before, so it took them some time to decide how to proceed. Then, to our great surprise and delight, they simply turned and left. 


Once out of site, Harold and I walked quickly, but with very tiny steps, back to the car. Safely inside,  I turned in dis-belief to him, "Surely our bloody bodies must still be on that rock, as there's no way we could have survived that."


I didn't understand until years later, it was the POWER OF LOVE.. pure unconditional love, that dramatically shifted both outcomes, changing the course of all the lives touched by that love. Although I didn't know it at the time, I believe this was my true spiritual awakening to my true calling, which has always been about 'being' and fostering unconditional love. 


Getting back to those 'criminals' in government and big business, can you see the correlation between them and the criminals in these stories?  Don't you think if we muster up some unconditional love and compassion for them, things might shift dramatically for the whole planet? 



This is why I'm inviting all of you to submit to me your own stories of how the POWER OF LOVE has somehow transformed you and/or others through a particular event. This can also be a story you've heard about someone else.  If you don't know how to write, let me know you have a story to tell, and when I get enough of those, I'll arrange a conference call or webinar so that we can all share them. Don't worry, I'm a great interviewer, so I can inspire anyone to tell their stories effortlessly. 


My vision is to collect and archive these stories (written and/or spoken) and put them on a website and on YouTubes so that others can be inspired to see how love and light transforms fear and darkness. I think when enough stories are told, like the hundredth monkey, these transformative POWER OF LOVE incidents will become commonplace. That is my greatest desire! 


Please feel free to give me not only your stories but any/all feedback regarding this project. After all, THIS IS A CO-CREATION!  I can't do it without YOU!! And we are quickly moving into a world where co-creation transcends the teacher/student paradigm.




Lots of Love, Joy & Co-creation,





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