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Dearest ONES,

Just two short weeks ago on the auspicious occasion of the New Moon Eclipse, I sent you the first installment of my new 'project', the Power Of Love. I've received countless responses of congratulations, blessings, hurrahs, way-to-go's, one adorable lucid dream and promises of more stories to come.  It was a wonderful beginning as it gave me encouragement to continue and helped me to understand what needs to come next.  If you missed that email, let me know and I'll forward it to you. 

I realized that those stories were the 'epitome' of the message I wanted to convey... quite dramatic and definitely not typical every-day events. If you've read them and don't have any stories of this nature to share, you are not alone. It has occurred to me that sometimes just a simple act of unconditional love can transform situations with a similar but much less dramatic result... such as random acts of kindness, or ones whereby someone suspends judgment of another person and it shifts the energy so that a new more positive outcome can occur. 

As judgment is fear-based, and fear is the opposite of love,  I feel its important to share my thoughts about judgment along with few examples of how suspending judgment in a loving way can create extraordinarily positive results.

I feel I need to begin with 'my' definition of judgment, as there seems to be a lot of confusion about that.  To me, judgment means that you are placing a value on something or someone - making it/them 'bad' or 'good', 'right' or 'wrong' to varying degrees. You can call this a 'value Judgment'. 


This is quite different than discernment, which is whereby we 'evaluate' a person's actions, healing mode, food, etc. and 'decide' whether or not we 'choose' to participate with that person or partake of that food/healing mode, etc., and to what degree. 


Here are a few stories that exemplify how suspending judgment and practicing discernment with love can positively change an outcome. 


Some years ago, In the beginning stages of a possible relationship, Bill was late for our second date. After about a half hour, I wrote him a note, taped it to the door and left. "Bill, I waited awhile and then decided to go and do something else."


I later explained to him that I could see he was not necessarily a prompt person, which was fine with me.  I gave him these guidelines for future dates. "When we make a date, I will expect you to be on time, within about 10 to 15 minutes. If you're late, then I may or may not be there when you arrive. We can consider that a 'casual date' where we both have choices.  If however, we 'agree' upon a specific time, I will expect you to honor that agreement as will I. 


Well, needless to say, Bill stepped to the plate, NOT because I was trying to control him, but because I gave him choice, which is always empowering. On our very next date, Bill was flying his plane towards our local airport. Thinking he might be about 5 minutes late for our dinner with friends, he called me to let me know he might be just a bit late, which he actually was not. This engendered mutual respect and trust, which created a great foundation for the relationship, which quickly became a live-in one, lasting three glorious years.


In that case, I didn't judge him as a person who's always late, which he had been until then. Instead, I decided to give him a chance.  Knowing full well that Bill's lateness didn't work for me, I stated clearly what I needed from him letting him know that I was willing to never see him again if he couldn't agree, and he shifted accordingly. 


Now that I had his respect, I could set a more important parameter in our relationship. I learned that Bill had never been monogamous a day in his life - having been a true hippy of the 60's. Knowing this would never work for me, I told him, "Although I have no reason to believe you'll ever be faithful to me, if I ever even get wind of a this sort of transgression, our relationship will immediately end." For other complex reasons, we parted three years later. However, from that time forward, Bill was completely faithful in his relationships. Through a past life regression I learned this apparently also completed a karmic contract we had made many lifetimes before. 


Limited relationships

In other relationships, I discern what I do and don't like about a person, and if there is enough to keep the relationship going, I participate on a limited basis.


The Victim's Triangle

Because this next example includes the concept of victimhood, I'd like to first explain about the Victim Triangle. Visualize a triangle. At one apex is the Victim, at another, the Persecutor and at the third, the Rescuer. When involved in the Victim Triangle, we can and will be any one of these, at any point in time, as the roles are undeniably interchangeable. Here again, I am not placing any Judgment on the word Victim, but I feel it's important for me to identify Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer aspects in a person so that you can make a conscious choice if or how you may want to be in relationship with them. 


I had a friend who was a perpetual victim. 'Coincidentally', on the same day that I learned about the 'Victim Triangle', I was to meet Maria to see a movie preview at one of the Hollywood studios. At the end of the movie, we stayed awhile to fill out the questionnaires and mingle with friends. Later on, when we entered the parking lot we were shocked at what we saw.  In a huge, almost empty lot that holds thousands of cars, Maria's borrowed van was parked less than a foot away from another car.  Here's the thing - the only working door on the van was unable to be opened as it was too close to the other car!  Sooooo, we had to locate the owner of that car in order to be able to leave, which took quite a while. For me, this was such a clear example of how Maria was yet again victimized and how I had ALSO become a potential victim!  


The reason I had to stay is because I promised her I would follow her in my car so that she could return the van to her friend, after which I would take her home.  Fortunately for me, I was not in a time crunch, so I was only potentially but not actually victimized in that situation. However, it did open my eyes to seeing how a limited relationship would work best for me regarding Maria. She and I remained friends, but I was careful from that point forward, not to not count on her for anything important or to put myself in any other situations where I could be victimized.


This next much more dramatic true story was inspired by my Central Park story, told to a small group of people some years ago. It tells how in a state of fearlessness (and remember - fear is the opposite of love) one can simply stand in ones truth to hugely change the outcome of the situation to even save one's life. I like to call Tom Haney's story...


A night in Bulgaria or Close Encounters of the Violent Kind


"In 1968, I took a trip to Europe with a Russian-speaking group. Traveling down through central Europe, over to Istanbul, we spent a night in Sofia, the capitol of Bulgaria.


"Even though it was dangerous to be out at night, I wanted to see Sofia. It was a time when the communists were in control and terrorists were kidnapping and killing people all the time. It was a Police state. In other words, if the police found you out at night, you just disappeared. Everyone in the group thought I was crazy and refused to come along.


"There was one brave girl, however, who did join me. And so we went walking around Sofia on the beautifully clear night. We were soon approached by three Syria men who, when they found out we were Americans, started talking with us in English. They had to be really well-educated Syrians to be in Europe, speaking English as well as they did.


"We quickly got into a rather heated conversation, which I was enjoying because I had studied political science and international business in college. They were saying that the American people and those from other democracies hated Arabs, Muslims and Egyptians. My position was that people are just people and that we're all just the same. They were holding the view that there really was a kind of segregation among people, real differences and these differences could only be solved through violence. And so we were just sort of on opposite sides, which was okay with me. After all, we were just talking.


"Then at some point, they decided that they couldn't handle my position any longer, so they pulled out knives and started to walk towards us. The girl I was with grabbed my arm and said, 'We've got to run away.' I looked around and said, 'Well, there's really nowhere to go.'  Since I'd been kind of talking about how we're really ONE anyway, that feeling got deeper and deeper in me. I turned to them, looked at them and thought, 'But we are just ONE.' I felt there was nowhere to run because I hadn't been fighting with them. I had been explaining what I believe to be true. So it felt like I was standing in this place of personal truth and couldn't turn my back on that.


"I was radiating the essence of what I was saying. At no time was I calling them a bunch of Syrians or anything like that. That was not in my energy at all. So I just looked at them and thought, 'Well, I gotta stay in this place of knowing, because if I leave this sense of knowng that I've been in the truth, that's the only way there can be harm. If I stay in this place and trust in it, we'll see what happens.'  So I stayed in that peaceful energy and just walked towards them without any threatening intentions. With my arms outstretched, looking straight in their faces, I walked towards their knives, thinking all the while, 'They can put them right through my stomach.'  It was a powerful feeing.


"They weren't far away to begin with, maybe only five feet. All of a sudden they got these startled looks on their faces. They looked at each other and then at me, then turned and ran away. I guess they had expected me to either run away or come running at them fighting. They might even have thought it was a pretty good thing to knock us off. You could tell by their arguments that they were arguing a line rather than what they really felt. I had a sense they knew on some level they were lying to themselves.


"The way I saw it, I spoke and became my truth and how could they kill the truth? That would be too much. It is one thing to deny their own truth and speak a hateful line. It's another thing to literally kill the truth because in doing so, you would almost have to kill yourself. They couldn't face the truth. That's why they ran. We are not the enemy. The lies are the enemy. And that's a loving place. See, I include them in the loving and that's what I think made the difference.


"When that unconditional love is based in truth, in the moment, it just seems that anger can't exist at the same time and place. It's as if God and the Devil can't exist in the same space. The ice has to melt in the presence of the sun. And when you stand in love and truth, you are truly protected. I think it's the key."


Here again is a perfect example of how love, through standing in one's truth, can and will transform situations that might otherwise (in this case) have tragic conclusions.



This is why I'm inviting all of you to submit to me your own stories of how the POWER OF LOVE has somehow transformed you and/or others through a particular event. This can also be a story you've heard about someone else. If you're not much of a writer, let me know you have a story to tell, and when I get enough of those, I'll either interview you and write it, or arrange a conference call or webinar so that we can all share them verbally.  Don't worry, I'm a great interviewer, so I can inspire anyone to tell their stories effortlessly. 


My vision is to collect and archive these stories (written and/or spoken) and put them on a website and YouTubes so that others can be inspired to see how love and light transforms fear and darkness. I think when enough stories are told, like the hundredth monkey, these transformative POWER OF LOVE incidents will become commonplace. That is my greatest desire! 


Please feel free to give me not only your stories but any/all feedback regarding this project. After all, THIS IS A CO-CREATION!  I can't do it without YOU!! And we are quickly moving into a world where co-creation transcends the teacher/student paradigm.




Lots of Love, Joy & Co-creation,



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