'The Secret' in Action



My husband and I again watched the DVD, "The Secret" http://www.thesecret.tv/home.html and the value of the Law of Attraction...what we spend our time thinking about is what we are responsible for manifesting, whether we are thinking negatively or positively about it doesn't matter.  We draw to us/we create/we attract that which we give our attention to.  So if we focus on "peace" rather than the war we will in fact create/attract a "peaceful world". 


If we don't like a certain politician's behavior/actions than we must think about the kind of leaders we do want...focus on drawing people of great integrity and enlightenment into politics.  The negative, Bad news is to remind us to attract that to us...so if we turn off the TV and think of all the good things happening around the world...neighbors supporting each other and loving our family members on the other side of the oceans than that is our vision of peace and we create/attract it and it "IS".


After reading this message below (Hatonn 03-31-07), I just wanted to add my support to it and encourage others to view THE SECRET, as it is very well done and the book is also well done.  I have known about the Law of Attraction (the Secret) for years and it's wonderful to see it getting so much exposure at this time.  This is my way of giving it more attention and assisting in attracting the information into all of our lives. 


Sharing 'our truth' does make a difference and the circles that move out over the waters of life after we have thrown our little stone of truth into the pond can reach all the shores of the earth. We just need to respond in 'our moments of truth' and we can each add to creating a world of Peace.

 Love, Light and Peace are present on Earth NOW,