Photo offered with Love and Appreciation by Nancy Bartell, Sedona, Az USA

Nancy's Message From the Honeybees



At around 2:00 in the afternoon as we were working in the yard outside Bob heard the hum of honeybees. He followed the sound and found then swarming around their nest which was deep in a hollow tree trunk which ran perpendicular to the ground about six feet up.


As we walked Toshiro a couple hours later, he showed me where they were still swarming. Excitedly I said, “Yes, I see them!”, and to the bees I added, “Thank you so much for being here.”


Immediately my whole body swarmed with chills, not once but three times. I ‘heard’ them say that they will come to anyone who is grateful for them. I told Bob, and he said how wonderful it will be, for we are going to be planting pots of flowers, herbs and some vegetables here in AZ, where we’ll be for the summer, and maybe through the winter. The bees will help them to flourish, and vice versa.


This was Mother Gaia’s way of giving us a miracle, and of telling us that there is no separation. We are all united in a common cause, and that is the perfection of Gaia and the raising of the vibration of the planet and humanity. Anyone who expresses their appreciation for the honeybees will be graced with their presence.





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 A 5 year cycle for the bee population? Bob says, they've been decreasing for at least ten years.

My friend is a bee keeper for 30 years. He says not to worry. This is a 5 year cycle for the bee population. The weak die so the strong that survive will create a stronger hive. The U of M has a scientist there that has bread a bee to produce a protectant for the hive so mite will not invade the hive. I block of those bees to a whole community will provide them with resistance to the dreaded mites that kill the hives. So please spread the word, that this is normal. The hip people are trying to seed fear, don't help them please.



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