On this day of November 26, 2015 I am Giving Thanks to each and every one of you! As I sit and write I am tingling with delight as to how it feels to be a part of this beautiful world, this world of openness and peace, joy and Love. It is a world where we are all giving thanks for the beauty of the beast, who is transforming into the essence of tranquility, joyfulness, and Love.

It is expressing in the way that we live, the way that we share, and the way by which we offer our Love to every girl and boy, every piece of laundry that represents the cleansing of the souls, and the song of jubilee that is being sung by the choir of angels who walk with us in this promise of what we are creating in this moment of bliss.

We are the chosen ones who are moving our selves from within to the outer core of the promise that we made to ourselves and each other to walk in the paths of our Love, and whisper the tones of the utmost revelations of Love to All of Creation.

Enjoy your feasts of the Garden of Eden and the coming together of the family of Love. This is the day that represents the feast of Love combined with the expression of all of us in the Love of Creation.


I hold you all in my Eternal Love,

Nancy Tate