Worldwide Intent Declaration - Page 5

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"I am IN FAVOR OF  peace and harmony in the world; IN FAVOR OF  a clean, healthy environment; IN FAVOR OF protecting and caring for earth's animals; IN FAVOR OF financial abundance and health for all the world's people." This I do declare and state. I AM that which I intend. So Be It!

This I do declare and state. I AM that which I intend. So Be It!

2700. Fernando Albert Dorio, Florida, USA  
2701. Julia Roberts, Queensland Australia
2702. Keith Halliday, Appleton, WI USA
2703. Clovis Sabatier, GARD, FRANCE
2704. George Christie, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, United States
2705. Barbara Van Lommel, Ostend, Belgium
2706. Guy Baekelmans - Ostend - BELGIUM
2707. Darren Drew, Cape Coral, Florida USA 
2708. Colin F McCarthy, Dorset, United Kingdom
2709. Loraine St Clair, Queensland, Australia
2710. Arun Kumar, Hokkaido, Japan
2711. Marie Toms. (Anna-Maria), south of France
2712. Saramae Dalferes, New Orleans, Louisiana USA
2713. Colleen Wenn, Kamloops B.C. Canada
2714. Vasuna, Ca
2715. Tracy Fortuny, Arkansas USA
2717. Warren S Mandseth, Canada    
2718. Chris Link, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
2719. Peter Pezzei, Tirol/Austria     
2720. Glenn Schultz, Milwaukee Wisconsin
2721. Daisy Naquira Riveros, Santiago Chili, SouthAmerica
2722. Julian  M
2723. Paul Terrill Cole, Ohio, USA