A Dear Friend Sent Me the Link to the Video that You Can Watch by Clicking on the Link Below.

"Utilizing footage from the BBC Planet Earth Series, we take a look at the wonder and majesty of God’s creation. Set to the song, “Creation Calls” by Brian Doerksen, this stunning glimpse of God’s masterpiece is meant to glorify Him and draw the mind to new places of intimacy with Him."

Thank You http://www.andiesisle.com for Sharing the Video

Click Here for the Video. Give it a few minutes to load.

After I Watched the Video, Considering all that is Going on in this World, I was Inspired to Write the Following


See Your World As It Really Is

When you look outside a window at the newly polished snow, how can you say that there is turmoil all around when the world is sparkling clean in front of your eyes?

When you take a stroll on a wooded path that is balanced by trees that last and last, how can you say that there is nothing substantial in the world anymore?

When you stroke a cat and pat a dog and the rain pours down and leaves a fog of vastness pure leaving the fields refreshed and clean, how can you say that the world is dirtied and unclean?

When you take a ride on the two-wheeled bike and see the flowers that seem to take flight as you float along and realize that the air of God is in your eyes, how can you say that there is no love around you?

When you go into a neighborhood store and smile upon the rich and poor, who wait for you, as you close the door, to smile and say there’s always more, how can you say that there is no feeling of plenty in this world?

When you go to bed and rest your troubled head and see the light of the streetlamp shine, upon the path and the person there who walks with a song coming from his lips, how can you say there is no peace in this world?

When you read a piece in the morning paper about disease and a plague to worry about and take escape from, look at your loved ones there and their happy chatter and grins in their breakfast chairs, know that your world is full of health and is shared by billions around your world.

When you wonder if peace, joy and harmony will ever arrive and release all of the tension rolling through the streets and byways, watch the birds and animals being one with each other in their daily meanderings through their world and yours, and know that the peace, joy and harmony never left, it just got waylaid by some who forgot who they are.

Look at your world; see the wonder of what you have created right there on your doorstep and beyond. Look into the eyes of those around you and see in their depths who they really are. This is the world that you have built and you are your world as you choose it to be. Believe in it, as I believe in you.

With Love, Nancy Tate