The Power of  'Playing for Change'


As I watched/listened to two videos from 'Playing for Change' I was so affected that I felt that we are already there and that I was seeing that world, living in the changes that we all are working to bring to our lives. I remember how John Lennon brought to us all that he did for us with his songs. I also feel that he is working with us in the realms that give us such power to accomplish that which we intend our world to be.


Are you with me? Do we already live that which we intend for our world to be? As we see that, as we feel what I have been feeling in these songs, from the children of the land, as well as all of the other young at heart people who choose to sing and live the life that brings Love of all of life to the front, I feel that there are many of you beside me, celebrating what we are accomplishing.


As we continue to hear of the chaos that is being distributed through the news media, etc, if we feel that it is as it used to be and not part of our lives in this moment, then that is what we create. We send our Love to the snatches of news, and feel the changes we are making to bring peace and Love to our world. That is the power we have to create that which we intend our lives to be all over this world, and beyond.

You can go and listen to/watch these 2 videos, plus more, from 'Playing for Change' and feel the Power of Love dancing forth into your world.


 Imagine, from 'Playing for Change'

  What a Wonderful World, from 'Playing for Change