Hands of Light Reach Around The Globe


A sharing email from a reader has inspired me to the creation of this section that will represent the teachings of The Law of Attraction for peace in the world and with humanity. In this section you will find articles such as the one that fired my inspiration to the flame of creation, as well as anything that promotes love, joy and peace.

Our Hands of Light will reach out and create this new beautiful earth. For years peacemakers such as James Twyman have been flowing their energies toward peace and promoting love wherever they go around the world. Individually humanity has in our own way been asking for peace and bringing it into our lives.

It is time for all of this to have its voice. We are ready for the results of this to be heard and seen even more. Bringing it into our own personal lives is one way that we can bring this about, then expanding it out for all the world to benefit from.

It is said, and proven many times, that we reap what we sow; we can produce on a world wide scale that which we have created individually. Now more than ever the energies support that movement. Let's all go forward in our lives bringing peace to ourselves, our relationships with our loved ones, and to humanity as a whole. Most of all we can assist Mother Gaia to her peace, therefore bringing all to harmony for the ascension of our Home and Family.

We invite anyone who wishes to submit articles or messages that represent the Hands of Light that are reaching around our hearts and our Mother Gaia to promote the peace that we all aspire to. We will post them here for the sharing, in gratitude and love. Follow the links below for the postings.


Worldwide Intent Declaration and Signatures

The Best Asset Protection Instrument for Peaceful People

Also, Legally And Totally Cancel Your VISA, MASTERCARD, AND DISCOVER Debts Without Bankruptcy


NEW: April 19, 2020: News of a Video With James Gilliland At his ECETI Ranch

May 21, 2019: Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Big Oil, Saving Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest

Jan. 31, 2018, New Moon - All Day, Global Meditation Community TRUST  

05-01-17: Global Love Day, Established in 2000

04-22-17: EARTH DAY is Celebrated Today, On Its 47th Anniversary With a Stunning Collection of "Love Your Mother ... EARTH"-Themed IMAGES! Plus the Slideshow, We Are The World, by Nancy

02-22-17: Story From a Flight Attendant on Delta Flight 15

11-16-16: From Message on Today's INSPIRATION FOR THE DAY, New World Coming

10-21-16: Global Oneness Day, October 24, 2016, Also See Your World as it Really Is

05-09-16: Dr. Steven Greer - A Call for FREE ENERGY Technologies

12-21-15: The Power of  'Playing for Change'!

12-04-15: Huge: Monsanto Going to Trial for Crimes Against Humanity

11-26-15: Read my Happy Thanksgiving Greeting to All of You!

11-20-15: Watch the Video in Which Jim Carrey Gave the Commencement Address to Maharishi University of Management's Class of 2014

05-17-15: Borderlands Restoration, Working to Preserve the Wildlife Corridor in Southern AZ

05-15-15:  Ryan's Well Foundation! “Water is Essential to All Life.”

03-22-15: The United Nations Exposes Chemtrails: 100% PROOF We Are Being Poisoned

12-29-14: A New Gift From Zahn! Her Holiday Hug Fest in Mt Shasta and the Video

06-16-14: Imagine Love! Watch and Listen to this Incredible Video of Emmanuel Kelly as he Sings his Heart Out.

04-18-14: 'Dear Human'! Wonderful Writing from Courtney A. Walsh http://www.courtneyawalsh.com/about.html

 04-01-14: Anakhanda Mushaba's sister, Yvonne, from Connecticut Sent Him this Picture of a Tree Being Cut Down.

 01/27/13: A beautiful couple, Cabrini and Sam Greco traveled the country a few years ago interviewing Nancy and other lightworkers. Click Here for the Preview-part 1 of "Consciousness Spiritual Oneness Documentary".

7-16-11Update! Power of Love! We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For!!! Project from Zahn

 6-24-11 MUSICAL  RAPTURE A Healing Gift from Patricia Diane Cota-Robles and her Son, Joao


Watch Video Set to the Song, “Creation Calls”. Read What the Video Inspired, 'See Your World as it Really Is'


Within minutes after posting the Wake up Call of Dec 30, 2010 I received this beautiful Native American picture and Prayer to the Great Spirit, by Noel Knockwood, in my email.

Click Here to See; also Spanish translation


Byington Sims and his Electrolytic Therapeutic Aqua Machine

Sims developed and built the Electrolytic Therapeutic Aqua Machine,
or ETAM for short, with the intent of helping people recover from persistent
and chronic infections.


Lightworkers.org - A LightSpace for LightWorkers
A spiritual community for all people over the world. The World is entering a new dimension of love, truth and light. Humanity is evolving and transforming rapidly. Here you can share our dream of a peaceful and united planet where all peoples share love and joy.

 Earth Transformation Declaration, from Hawaii
We, the individuals and groups participating in or supporting the Earth Transformation Movement are a body of concerned private citizens intending to transform the Earth in a sustainable, peaceful and life affirming manner by adopting a range of environmental, scientific, spiritual and political principles and practices.

One Love for The Planet, Song by George Axon and Wayne St John

 Messages From the Honeybees, in Appreciation of Them

'The Secret' in Action

 The Circle of Peace on the Washington DC Capitol Lawn

Ulla Says We Can Focus on.......

Joy Rae's Hands of Light

How can we find peace about what we have chosen in life?

Picture Given to the World's People: Help Rescue the Future

May Your Day be a Shay Day