Global Oneness Day

October 24, 2016

Celebrating the Global Oneness Day 2016 program of events and recapping the day with Humanity’s Team Worldwide Executive Director Steve Farrell with the staff and many volunteers who work diligently all year to create this amazing 12 hour program.

 Honorary Chairman this year is Deepak Chopra.
Hear him speak at 10:30am Pacific time.


For the full story of how this works and what you can do go to


In reading about this I was reminded of the Worldwide Intent Declaration here on the 'Tree', and the page I created called See Your World as it Really Is. It spoke to me of how we are all One and how we can Create our togetherness in so many ways, without focusing on what may be wrong, or lacking, but what is in perfect harmony, one with each other. 

Click Here for 'See Your World as it Really Is'