A Story About the Honeybees.

Last Sunday, a friend Sue popped in to view the garden. (She attended your event here in (Shadow Hills, CA) November). Anyway she said she was saddened that the honeybees had left her yard and asked if I had any. I told her a few and that's what we saw while walking all over the property. Just a few.

Then on Monday your message and Articles arrived on the Bees, so after reading those, I set my Intent and lo and behold, on Wednesday as I was walking down to my office, I spotted this huge colony of Honeybees on the side of the guest house. They were just clinging to the side and there were hundreds of them.

I do have a beehive box so wondered why they weren't in there. And we are fortunate enough to have a wonderful 86-year old retired chap, Ralph, who lives in the area and deals with bees.
So I called him and he whizzed around to box them up and take them to his place. However, I did not want that to happen. After all, I had invited them to Bushwillows! I didn't want them removed.

He very kindly understood that and so agreed to take my beehive box with him, place them in that box and look after them for 2 weeks to make sure they are staying, before returning them to us. When he was scraping them off the wall into the box he spotted the Queen, so that was a good sign. Anyway I am very excited about that and can't wait for the 2 weeks to be up when they will be returning.

I just wanted to tell you that a MIRACLE with Honeybees did happen and it took just 2 days. I was absolutely amazed and its put me in touch with nature just that much more. Others think I am crazy talking to the plants and the trees and the birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, lizards ...... but boy, I so enjoy it and I can feel them responding.

Its just so much fun!!!

Love and Light always,

An update! The beekeeper, Ralph, has told me that the bees have taken very well to my box and are making honey like crazy!!! He's returning not just one BUT 3 colonies to me next week. Isn't that a miracle. I am so over-joyed.