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From Russ Michael, CLICK Here... PLEASE DO invite many others to join with you and all of us... Glöbally

 NOTE: Weekly "Target Date" and what WE as a group will focus ON AS ONE MIND will be posted by Russ Michael weekly.

Y Ö U R  I N V I T A T I Ö N to our New Moon - Jan. 31, 2018, All Day, Global Meditation Community TRUST ***FIRST Ongoing HUGE WEEKLY Global-wide Meditation EVENT



What: Meditate with all other enjoined spiritual awakened souls---IN that Jan. 31, 2018 point of power "NOW" moment whenever you wish---as often as you wish, as ONE MIND across all Earth---envisioning a bright light feeling so at peace. joyful, cooperative and very prosperous HUMANITY and yourself, envisioning a very pristine clean, calm much rejuvenated Mother Earth.

Goal: Join in meditation with others globally to help transform all of Humanity and Earth for the better. Envision it.

Where: Worldwide. In whatever country you now live or are at on this FIRST WEEK FULL MOON Target Day Date.

When: MEDITATE anytime of day or night at will... during entire 24 hour Second New Moon Day of: Jan. 31, 2018

How long: 10 to 20 minute focused meditation segments often as possible during 24 hour period... ON the ANY HOUR MARK a few times (if able timewise) will merge YOU with thousands of others doing the same timing WITH YOU

Why: It will make you "feel good" and "feeling good" is truly feeling God... Follow what feels good, heart, mind and soul and you are "always on track" to accomplish your Earth Mission or your unique entrusted Stewardship! It is TIME now to heal ourselves and to us each and all to help do the same for our dear long mis-treated Mother Earth.

Guided Part: Start off as Jerad Rand suggests, taking five long deep, slow no stress breaths, as it helps connect you to your calm, centered "Christ Consciousness" SPARK the one God of All That Is embedded inside of every humanly embodied soul on Earth.

Self Guided Part: Have FUN. You know what to do. Be calm, feel and be centered, feeling--- from time to time on target date take time to meditate. Send forth the highest, brightest feelings, IMAGES or "visions" of love, light and joy LIGHTING UP ALL on EARTH as well as to our dear grand Mother Earth. *** WE are AIMING for tens of thousands to join in with us all.... SHARE by forwarding all of this INFO below to COUNTLESS OTHERS (and urge everyone possible) to do the same!! ***WE CAN do it!! *** The Light of God will never fail.

POST the above invitation at your Web sites, on Facebook, Twitter, etc... Thank you!!

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