My Introduction to the Book, The Legacy.

I began writing The Legacy back in 2004 after I had been receiving information from Enki about my first lifetime on earth, which took place in 7090 BC. I was living with a dear friend, who was very interested in the information I was receiving. We learned that she was also part of that first lifetime. As the information came forth and grew to be what we realized was a great deal like what we had discovered our lifetimes on earth paralleled, we put together the information and I began to see the importance to the way my life had transformed in this present lifetime.

I have recently finished the book and I now offer it to you for free. It is in both word-doc and PDF form. You may download it from the links below.

The Legacy Word-doc                   The Legacy PDF file


Excerpt from Chapter 6:.......Enki stood above the crowd on his way up the hill to survey that surrounding countryside. Eeta waited by his side, observing the lake that glistened in the late afternoon sun. This surely must be paradise, for she felt the comfort and reverence that comes when she is in direct commune with The Creator. There is nothing I adore more than being here, or anyplace else with my dear loved one. He is the reason for my being. He is the source of my solace and my joy. This bond I feel for him goes beyond mere physical lust and love, it is born within and so shall it reign.

Where is the sun that shines from above when the countryside springs forth in the dew of the morning? It shall be seen when I come and reign in the fields and the flowers that surround the village and secret the wishes of the lonely ones who wonder among them. The sun bids itís coming when the day begins, and hides its face at the onslaught of the rain clouds. Still it is there, and nothing can stop its warmth. That is the way of The Creator, for there is a never-ending quality about all that comes from the source. And the source shall not be squelched from itís shining.

Eeta gazed at her lover, and found the gazing to be most enjoyable. His stance, so powerful, yet tender; his look of solidity, easy in its might. How did she come to deserve such splendor? Was she born for this? Of course! It is unmistakable, yet a mystery in its calling. There is no greater pleasure in her short life, than to gaze upon this man, and wonder at his love.

Enki turned, shy and gentle. He had sensed her adoration, and returned the same with his smile. This was so right for his life; in itís magic was the sense of it. No more long nights by the river, despairing with his loneliness. It was as if he had lost her before she even came to his calling. Then when she was there, he found the one he had been missing, though she was as a stranger at first glance.